Meet The Speakers

Meet The Speakers


Hailing from Russia, Colombia, PA, and A-Town comes a unique blend of Modern Rock and Seattle Grunge... Energy. Underground. Passion. Distortion. Love. Retro. Hate. Tubes.


Meet the Speakers have exploded onto the DC metro region sharing the stage with national acts such as The Ataris, Bamboo Shoots, Welbilt, Crash Boom Bang, ReVel, Zelazowa, The Vicious Martinis, and many many more. Formed in late February of 2006, only 2 months later M.T.S. debut at Catholic University where they took the crown in the Battle of the Bands. In October 06 M.T.S, with collaboration of the Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA), put together a benefit show dubbed “Rock Your Guts”, to raise money for teens, and children suffering with Crohns Disease. “Rock Your Guts” was a major success for both M.T.S and CCFA. M.T.S is ongoing to help the CCFA and continuing to rock for a cure. Forging along, M.T.S in December 06 released their self-titled EP, which sells as fast as its put out. Sound, energy, passion, Meet The Speakers delivers on stage everytime! Meet The Speakers is the sound that you have been waiting for...

A quote from a review of our EP:
"...a pretty solid alt-hard rock four piece that has only been on the scene now for a little over a year, and that’s saying something because they have a pretty polished sound. At times Meet the Speakers reminds me of a band that was spawned in early 90’s Seattle, and then sometimes of something more modern, like an Audioslave or Velvet Revolver. Regardless, I do like what I hear and you will too.
With tracks Contagious and 3 Inches to Freedom, Meet the Speakers combines heavy, down tuned guitars with gritty vocals and beat-filled drumming to create a sound reminiscent of Disclaimer-era Seether or Ten-era Pearl Jam mixed with the slightest touch of the Cold War Kids. MtS can also write a decent sounding call-out hook, and knows how to keep its audience musically interested with its use of riffing."
- Brian Campbell


Meet The Speakers 6-track EP, released December 2006.

Tracks available for play at myspace webpage. (

Set List

Our sets usually are 45minutes to an hour and 30 mins.

Non-Comprehensive list of Originals include:
- Track 9
- Contagious
- 3 Inches To Freedom
- S.B.M.R.
- One Night Stand
- 22 Black N Blue
- Drummer Boy
- The Ocean Between Us
- Chaos
- Hammer N Sickle
- The Beach (Bethany)

Covers include but not limited to:
Beatles - Revolution
Local H - Bound For The Floor
White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
Stone Temple Pilots - Big Bang Baby
Green Day - Brainstew