Meet Your Monster

Meet Your Monster

 Portland, Oregon, USA

Meet Your Monster is a 4 piece, Alternative-Rock band from Portland, Or. Since 2009 they have created buzz all over the Pacific Northwest, with their unique sound and what fans would call an "incredible" live perfomance. They are in the studio right now for their new EP. See you at the show!


"..Meet Your Monster is a force to be reconed with...." -
Art, 101.1 FM KUFO

Meet Your Monster was started by Eli Hirsch (Lead Vocals, Guitar) and Henry Smith (Lead Guitar) when they were just 13. After meeting at a party of one of their friend's parents and playing their first show together that night (due to the last second request for a band to play) the two became best friends and started jamming constantly. After playing in numerous bands with all different line-ups, they started Meet Your Monster with the goal of playing high energy alt-rock, while providing a incredibly entertaining live show. After getting the whole band together including a drummer, Alec Stivers, and a bass player, Quincy Saunders, they were able to conquer this goal. Ask anyone who has been to an MYM show, and they will tell you its an experience to be had.

In June 2010, Meet Your Monster released their debut EP entitled, "The Worst", named not after the music on the record (we hope), but after the classic cliche of teenage life, where everything is the "worst". Be it raging political opinions on the education system, getting worked up about some stupid girl, or just being plain, old, idiotic (we have our moments, trust us). The EP has gotten great response from around the world, and is being reveiwed in numerous publications such as the UK's "Fireworks Rock Magazine" and on the radio, on stations such as 101.1 FM KUFO and portland's famous alternative radio station, 94.7 FM KNRK.

Just some of the influences for the record (and the band for that mater) include Foo Fighters, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, Avenged Sevenfold, REM, StrayCats, and Weezer. "The Worst" EP is a great representation of MYM's signature sound, to be able to mix rock with alternative elements such as blues and punk. The first track on the record "Touch Fire" is a catchy guitar driven Rock jam, where as "Hero" is a political ballad, that takes a turn for the worst (no pun intended). Take a listen for your self. Who knows you might end up hating it!

Now, Meet Your Monster continues to write for their next project with a release date in early spring and a tentative summer tour. Even though being young has had its disadvantages, it has also been a great challenge to overcome, because not everyone takes you seriously. But MYM's saying always is "please, for the love of god KEEP hating, its the best hype!" and they are proud of that. So if were in your town, come out and see us at a show, we promise you wont be disappointed or your money back! (haha not really, were only in this for the money! jkjk.) Meet Your Monster, proud (and stoked!) to be hated.


The Worst EP -
1) - "Touch Fire"
2) - "Hero?"
3) - "I Dont Like You"
4)- "The Spider Song"

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Set List

Touch Fire
Liar (Taking Back Sunday)
The Spider Song
Gone For Good
Take Me
I Dont Like You
Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)