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Meet Your Monster

Portland, Oregon, United States

Portland, Oregon, United States
Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"AM NorthWest on KATU News"

“I think the concert will be great you guys (Meet Your Monster), but when you finally running for president, and I think you will, (laugh) we get you back on the show”- Dave Anderson, AM Northwest - KATU

"Viva La Luna on 101.1 FM KUFO"

"I'm going to leave you with a brand new song from a band called Meet You Monster....I really think this band shows a lot of promise....We could really see a lot to come from these guys........a force to be reckoned with if you will." - KUFO 101.1 FM

"Kids Rock as Money rolls into Mercy Corps"

Eli Hirsch seems a bit young to be speaking about his fan base, or his abilities as a concert promoter. It would be easy to dismiss the 14-year-old would-be rock star’s enthusiasm as a blurring of the line between wishes and reality.

Easy, that is, except for that Friday night in April when 800 people, most of them Hirsch’s age or younger, rocked the downtown Crystal Ballroom listening to four bands, including Hirsch’s band, Blind Einstein. The benefit concert raised more than $6,000 for nonprofit Mercy Corps’ work in underdeveloped countries.

The most amazing thing about the event? It was conceived, booked and even promoted by Hirsch and friends, not a 15-year-old among them.

Hirsch speaks fast, like a born press agent. He’ll wax enthusiastic about playing in a rock band (Blind Einstein had only been together five months before the Mercy Corps concert). He’ll talk your ear off about the rush that comes from playing in front of a crowd of people. But what really pushes him into hyper-speed is when the subject becomes turning ideas into reality.

He says the idea for the April concert came to him after a viewing of Academy Award winning movie “Slumdog Millionaire” – an inspiring rags-to-riches story that detailed poverty among children living in India. He wanted to use his music toward some positive social benefit, and his mother had contacts at Mercy Corps. One conversation led to another until Hirsch found himself arranging Kidsrock4kids. Crystal Ballroom managers became interested once Hirsch mentioned he could get local kid band Still Pending, which had already developed a following among middle schoolers.

Mercy Corps spokeswoman Minda Seibert says the nonprofit has had teens raise money for its work, but usually by putting on bake sales or read-a-thons. This was kid-organized fundraising on a scale she hadn’t seen before.

“What’s amazing is the way they could energize the youth and get them engaged and make them feel they could take part in something bigger than themselves,” Seibert says. “The fact that he was in eighth grade blows your mind.”

Hirsch had some assistance. Lake Oswego resident David Ellman had helped Still Pending, for which his son Grant is drummer, get started at local venues. Still Pending’s members are all 12 and 13 years old. They were 10 when they began performing publicly.

Ellman helped Hirsch with contacts in the local music scene, but says parental involvement was never the driving force behind the concert.

Grant went door to door in the weeks before the concert and sold 75 tickets. He also worked with a Tigard music store that donated a guitar to be auctioned at the concert as an extra fundraiser.

Members of Portland teen band Social Appetite encouraged fans to bring in pennies, and raised an additional $200. That’s 20,000 pennies they collected.

Jimi Biron, director of music programming at McMenamins, which operates the Crystal Ballroom, says teen concerts that involved established organizations such as Rock & Roll Camp for Girls have drawn crowds as large as the Mercy Corps fundraiser, but that this show was different.

“I’ve never seen a show at this level where the kids organized the whole thing,” Biron says.

You might expect the entire experience to have pumped up Hirsch’s 14-year-old ego, and it’s true, he does not appear to lack for self-confidence. But the concert also made him more humble, Hirsch says. Because, despite the success of the fundraiser, and the high of playing in front of 800 jumping, hand-waving fans, there was something else Hirsch noticed that night at the Crystal Ballroom – the music.

“I realized that the other bands that played with us were incredible,” he says. “We were not on a par with them.”

Which has led, naturally, to increased band practice time. Meet Your Monster, Hirsch’s reconstituted band, practices three or four times a week, three or four hours per practice, in the Northeast Portland basement of one of its band members. Hirsch has been out in recent weeks promoting Meet Your Monster’s latest concert, at the Hawthorne Theater June 19. This one’s a paying gig, and Hirsch has been using all manner of Internet tools to drum up that fan base. After all, he says, who else is there?

“No way in hell I’d let my dad do it,” Hirsch says. - Portland Tribune

"Hello Neighbor: Backfence PDX"

“But the price of admission was justified in and of itself by the simple phenomenon of 14-year-old Eli Hirsch………Seriously, at the age of 13…. filled Crystal Ballroom with people willing to actually pay to see his high-school band. That’s some serious marketing, there…..I glimpsed my future, and it’s Eli Hirsch denying me a job. I’ve never been so depressed in my entire life.” – Matthew Korfhage, Willamate Week - Willamette Week


The Worst EP -
1) - "Touch Fire"
2) - "Hero?"
3) - "I Dont Like You"
4)- "The Spider Song"

all streaming at or available for purchase at



"..Meet Your Monster is a force to be reconed with...." -
Art, 101.1 FM KUFO

Meet Your Monster was started by Eli Hirsch (Lead Vocals, Guitar) and Henry Smith (Lead Guitar) when they were just 13. After meeting at a party of one of their friend's parents and playing their first show together that night (due to the last second request for a band to play) the two became best friends and started jamming constantly. After playing in numerous bands with all different line-ups, they started Meet Your Monster with the goal of playing high energy alt-rock, while providing a incredibly entertaining live show. After getting the whole band together including a drummer, Alec Stivers, and a bass player, Quincy Saunders, they were able to conquer this goal. Ask anyone who has been to an MYM show, and they will tell you its an experience to be had.

In June 2010, Meet Your Monster released their debut EP entitled, "The Worst", named not after the music on the record (we hope), but after the classic cliche of teenage life, where everything is the "worst". Be it raging political opinions on the education system, getting worked up about some stupid girl, or just being plain, old, idiotic (we have our moments, trust us). The EP has gotten great response from around the world, and is being reveiwed in numerous publications such as the UK's "Fireworks Rock Magazine" and on the radio, on stations such as 101.1 FM KUFO and portland's famous alternative radio station, 94.7 FM KNRK.

Just some of the influences for the record (and the band for that mater) include Foo Fighters, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, Avenged Sevenfold, REM, StrayCats, and Weezer. "The Worst" EP is a great representation of MYM's signature sound, to be able to mix rock with alternative elements such as blues and punk. The first track on the record "Touch Fire" is a catchy guitar driven Rock jam, where as "Hero" is a political ballad, that takes a turn for the worst (no pun intended). Take a listen for your self. Who knows you might end up hating it!

Now, Meet Your Monster continues to write for their next project with a release date in early spring and a tentative summer tour. Even though being young has had its disadvantages, it has also been a great challenge to overcome, because not everyone takes you seriously. But MYM's saying always is "please, for the love of god KEEP hating, its the best hype!" and they are proud of that. So if were in your town, come out and see us at a show, we promise you wont be disappointed or your money back! (haha not really, were only in this for the money! jkjk.) Meet Your Monster, proud (and stoked!) to be hated.