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"their punky hardcore songs are right in your face!"

Fourteen songs are on this thirty minutes rock explosion by MEGABABE. The band has developed themselves a lot over the years and their punky hardcore songs are right in your face. I think about THE LUNACHICKS for a moment, when I listen to a great fast punk song like "Oneday". "Speak Japanese Or Die" is SHONEN KNIFE, played like THE RAMONES would have done it. Old school punk with a touch of melody. MEGABABE consists of Miyu on vocals and guitars, Ako on bass and vocals and Miho on drums and vocals. "Dive" is very loud, it almost sounds like NUCLEAR ASSAULT. It's ubelievable how three little girls can make so much noise! And this Japanese whirlwind just doesn't stop, and continues at full speed through fast punkers like "Run Run Ru Ru Run", "Shut The..." and "Trick". In "Trash" I hear touches of L7, it's the most experime(n)tal song on this first full length album of these Japanese babes, because with "Miss Me?" we get yet another NUCLEAR ASSAULT like thrash attack, that only lasts a few seconds. "Da Na Na" closes the album and is a fast ska shuffle. I am glad, that the ladies warned us first before piericing our eardrums, so I better thank them for that in their own language. Domo Arigato MEGABABE for such a great debut album! - Toine van Poorten/Metal Maidens magazine


Nobember 10th @ Johnny V's in San Jose

MEGABABE! I did not see this coming. Never in my life have I seen a pop-punk band rock SO HARD. Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, these girls speak little English, but they definitely understand one thing: how to dominate the stage. Opening up with nothing more than a shout from Miyu, the singer/guitarist, of ?gWe?care?cMEGABABE!!!?h the band tore into ?gMiss Me?h, a punk rock/grindcore masterpiece that seared through the audience like hot flames. From there it was pure rock fury as these three cute chicks tore through songs like ?g209 to 504?h and ?gSpeak Japanese or Die?h with more energy than I?fve seen in almost any American band. This was my first experience with MEGABABE, and I was taken aback by the sheer unbridled intensity with which they performed. Miyu beat on her Gibson Flying V so hard I thought she was gonna break it, and Ako and Miho were right behind her, guns blazing. Ako is a madwoman on the bass guitar, hopping to and fro about the stage, pigtails bouncing around as if on springs, popping and slapping the strings of her bass like she wanted to pull them off. And Miho! Miho never wiped the smile from her face during the entire set. I?fve never seen someone have so much fun playing the drums. She bounced around behind the kit like a child with a new toy, full of vigor and enthusiasm, beating away at the drums as if she could go on all night. Their performance was flawless. The highlight of the show was when they dropped a cover of ?gSo What?h by the Anti-Nowhere League that I swear gives Metallica?fs a run for their money. After that, it was one rockin?f tune after another. The crowd loved it. They (and I) cheered themselves hoarse after every song. By the end of the set, the fans were flying everywhere, running around in the pit like wild ones. I think this in part due to the fact that the girls are just so accessible. A band can?ft have that much fun onstage and not be. They were all smiles and cheers between every song, thanking the crowd, thankful to be there, thankful to share their music with their fans. And that?fs they way it should be. MEGABABE definitely sets a standard that other bands ought to adhere to. I can?ft wait till they come back around again. - Randall Hisle


The El Mocambo, June 8

Sporting a name that sounds like it was borrowed from one of Godzilla?fs lesser foes, Tokyo?fs Megababe were definitely out to do some damage.

Looking at the band?fs three members, you wouldn?ft expect that three tiny Japanese woman would be capable of churning out a potent blend of punk and metal. But they did and absolutely obliterated the place, just like a certain 400-foot tall radioactive lizard.

Bassist Ako and drummer Miho created a gut-shaking bottom end while singer/guitarist Miyu?fs shattered the cartoonish image of female Japanese musicians created by bands like Shonen Knife and Pufi Ami Yumi with a Rodan-like shriek during one song.

Admittedly, their songs did start to run together by the end of their set but Miyu?fs frequent ?grock on?h gestures and Gene Simmons-style tongue displays were strangely endearing. One of the definite highlights was a rhythm section-only cover of the Red Hot Chili Pepper?fs ?eGive it Away?f, during which Miyu was sidelined due to problems with her guitar.

While the instruments did tend to overwhelm the vocals at times, Megababe still put on a fun and energetic set. Sure, some may view them as a novelty act (Pretty Japanese girls playing punk and metal tunes!) but there was something irresistible about their music and enthusiasm.

- Andrew Horan

"Willamette Week"

Megababe * Dante's

Tokyo's female punk trio Megababe arrests the middle of their sweaty midnight set to give love to their homeland sorority sisters, Puffy Ami Yumi--and cover one of their songs. Will Megababe switch gears and bag their frantic riffs and manic drumming for an Ami Yumi, ABBA-inspired pop number? Of course not--this heavy-metal treatment screams with trademark 'Babe power. Next up: The girls cover the Beastie Boys' "Fight for Your Right," that debaucherous ode to getting wasted, with such ferocity that they make the Boys look like a bunch of teetotaling wimps. When they're finished, the trio bows and curtsies and reads notes of thanks in broken English from napkins. - KC

"Skratch Magazine"

September 20, 2003 @ Chain Reaction (Anaheim, CA)
By Luke Skywalker

For this show, I actually arrived punctually, giving me time to catch the set of the first band, Megababe. I could hear a few of the songs from the parking lot, and I could tell the set would be a memorable experience. Entering the building, I was greeted by high-pitched punk rock straight from Japan. Megababe-a three-piece, all-girl punk band-as thoroughly exciting. Playing songs such as "Bite Me", "Time Goes By", and "Make up My Mind", they also played crowd favorite "Speak Japanese or Die". The girls are talented musicians, especially bassist Ako. Guitarist/lead singer Miyu can also hold her own, and she allowed the crowd to hear her complete vocal range with every song. After every song, the crowd was thanked (in broken English) for rockin'. The girls finished their set, and the house lights came on, but the band's producer and promotion manager, ran on stage and asked if we "want to hear one more song.?EMegababe returned to the stage and played their fantastic rendition of Metallica's "Fuel". I am very happy that these girls crossed the Pacific to play in California. If you want entertainment, see Megababe.
- Luke Skywalker


I discovered a new band that I just LOVED! I mean really, really LOVED! They are called MEGABABE, and are an all girl Japanese rock band. The girls look adorable, and rock really hard. They have a rippin' rock and roll sound, and sing in high-pitched, sweet Japanese-accented voices. They were so fun to watch, and were great at what they do. Their drummer gave a brief speech in English, which she read off a sheet of paper, telling the crowd who they were and how happy they were to be in San Francisco. I really enjoyed watching these girls rock out, and highly recommend you see them if they come through your town. - Alisha Amnesia


Let me start by saying that Miyu, Ako, and Miho know what they're doing and they do an awesome job doing it. These are the three girls that make up Megababe - a "you don't know them now but you will soon" band from Tokyo, Japan. The first song on their demo is an in-your-face number that seethes with sexuality. It's called "Bite Me" and describes what these girls want their boy toys to do to them. They know exactly what they want - talk about female empowerment! Right after "Bite Me" ends you're hit again full force with the distorted vocals of Miyu on the song, "Time Goes By". This song is definitely head banging worthy. The third song is "Make up my Mind" and it starts out with some funky bass beats. It doesn't seem as hard and fast as their other two songs. It's a lot more melodic and gives them a chance to show off just how great their skills are on their instruments. This demo CD also comes with two bonus live tracks. It sounds like they have unbelievable energy on the stage. While listening to their live songs I could just imagine the crowd dancing and banging their heads to the beat.

This Japanese trio can definitely rock. Their music sounds like old school hardcore with some elements of metal tossed in. Not many girl bands are taking on the hard rock scene but these girls are changing that. Megababe proves that girls can make it in any musical genre. Their feministic lyrics and their hard rockin' beats can get anyone to stop and take notice. Megababe is a band that will not let you over look them or forget them. These girls have the potential to open up the eyes to other girls and show them that ladies can rock even harder than the guys can! - Jessicka Freda

"Show at the Chickenshack"

I had the opportunity to catch Megababe at the Chicken Shack in Fussa last night. As usual, it was a great show. They have a great sound with some pop-punk mixed in with straight hard rock/heavy metal. Watching Ako-san made me want to go home and practice. She's really good. If you get a chance, check them out. These girls rock! - Billy

"INFLAME Music Magazine in Detroit"


Thursday night turned out to be the most happening night this year,starting off at the legendary rock club,the El Mocambo,which has hosted shows by The Rolling Stones and Elvis Costello in the past. The club recently had a significant interior redesign,but still hosts great rock shows. Kicking off the night there was Megababe, and all-girl trio from Japan, making their Canadian debut.The band surprised the packed house when their cuteness gave way to a metal-cum-punk blast that had the audience roaring. The band surpassed their image (and many male counterparts) with their musicianship that was nothing kawaii about it, except maybe for song titles like "Speak Japanese or Die". I had traded e-mails with them for a few years and it was great to finally get a chance to see and meet them-because when it comes down to it,music really is the international language.
They had traveled all the way from Japan just for this festival and were happy to do so. They also played a second set in Dundas Square on Saturday and again had the crowd cheering when they broke into Godzilla-heavy covers of The Misfits' "Last Caress" and KISS' "Detroit Rock City", which they dedicated their Detroit friends they had just met. - Sue Static from Static Records


"Time Goes By" EP 2007

"Speak Japanese or Die!" Album 2004
01. 209 to 504
02. Oneday
03. Speak Japanese or Die !
04. Dive
05. Run Run Ru Ru Run
06. Shut the....
07. Trick
08. A Word for Me
09. C-o-m-b-i-n-i Grrrl
10. Trash
11. Miss Me?
12. I Wonder
13.Sleepless Night
14. dA na Na

"Bite Me" EP 2002
01.Bite Me
02.Time Goes By
03.Make Up My Mind



Hailing from the punk rock capital of the world, Tokyo, Japan, comes "Megababe": three cute chicks who crank out contemporary punk rock with an old-school sensibility, and aren't afraid to throw some metal and hardcore into the mix whenever they feel like it.

The girls got their start in mid 2001, when drummer Miho met bassist AkO and began gigging around Tokyo under the Megababe name. They soon jumped into studio to make their first EP, "Bite Me", which showed their sound evolving from a crunchy-guitar, head-banging rock n' roll style to a more modern sound with strong melodies and catchy choruses.

In March 2002, Megababe was invited to play at the South By South West (SXSW) Music Festival in Austin,Texas (their first US appearance). Their performance at the festival made a huge impression on critics, who wrote rave reviews of the girls' performance at Austin's Hard Rock Cafe. A West Coast tour followed, and the girls continued to get great coverage and reviews along the way from webzines such as and international magazines such as ROCKRGRL, NY ROCK and Holland's Metal Maiden (a Dutch hard rock mag). Megababe's fanbase continued to grow.

After the 2002 US tour, Miho and AkO went back to Tokyo and found a permament guitarist/lead vocalist to complete the lineup -- "Miyu" joined the band as it's new frontwoman in early 2003, and two US tours (in the Spring and Fall of 2003) quickly followed. It was clear that this Megababe lineup finally packed the right punch, giving their live shows even more raw energy than their frenetic studio recordings.

Now in October of 2004 comes the girls' first full-length CD, "Speak Japanese or Die!" - a high energy blend of old-school punk and contemporary metal, delivered from a unique Japanese girl's perspective. With the release of this CD, Megababe plans to take their live show around Japan before returning to the US once again. In 2006 Megababe was invited to North by North East in Toronto, Canada, and they was back to Toronto in March 2007 to play at "Canadian Music Week Festival". Check out the CD, and keep your eyes on Megababe.