Omega Fi'Yah

Omega Fi'Yah


We are a band capable of performing for different crowds. Our Rootz Reggae & Ethio-Jazz Fusion will unite both reggae and jazz lovers. We are a family unit as the meaning of our name, "Harrambe", " Let's Pull Together".


Though the band members have been jamming for some time ago the unity took place one Friday night at the Shasahmane International Restaurant where we were asked to continue each week. Karma and Loving Kindness gained the honor of enlighting the Ethiopian convention of ELife. We've done benefits; A VIP party for Stanford College Grads; Shashamane Internat'l Restaurant Friday's; Red Lion Hotel Pool Side Party and more


Red Eye

Written By: Omega Fi'Yah

Though I try to survive; people is always watching with that red eye
Though they they see that I praise Rastafari
They waste their time try to vex I
What a vibe
What a vibe
Repeat 1x
Some people want to see the way I skin up my teeth
Some people want to see me start getting ugly
They really don't want to see this Lioness
Repeat 1x
It's less stress....
Can't an Empress greet a Rastaman and Haile the I
Empress your the wife but you don't control Yah vibes
I am not intruding I won't look to the sky
If he's a Rastaman, it's Highlie I
That's right
(Chourus) I try to survive ect.
Just becuz they see me in my long dress and crown
Some people are thinking that I'm better than them
They think they can come put this Lioness
You must be mad to convince yourself of this
Bust this....
Beauty walk the streets and hear how you critisize
But I am just too big and I will Burn up those vibes
When it comes to Yah there will be no compromise
So when the Lioness awake you must go hide
Repeat 1x
Repeat all 1 more x


"Red Eye"; "Some Claim"; "Works of Yah" and "Stonewalls" all are aired on web stations (Miami Florida); (El Salvador);KPOO SF,CA 89.5FM; KPFA FM SF,CA

Set List

2hours 16 - 20 consisting of 8 originals 1-2 cover tunes each set
Set list will be 4 originals Brown Skin (Richie Spice) for the cover 4 more originals Sorry ( Tracy Chapman) 2nd cover
2nd Hour Same format w/ 1st Cover tune as Eternity & 2nd Missing You (reggae artist)