Copenhagen, Capital Region, DNK

Megafon-the scandinavian elektro gypsies -

An intense mix of the Orient the Nordic and the Balkans.

Fierce beats, vigorous saxophone and spellbinding vocal.

An extremely dynamic band with a fascinating singer in front.

This is folk/world/tronica at it's peak !

New album HURRA 1. october 2011


MEGAFON – the scandinavian elektro gypsies

Marte Schau (N) and Mikael Fleron (DK) , making spicy world elektro punk with flavours from many ”kitchens”.

An intense mixture of nordic light, balkan heat and oriental moods.
Stirred, fried, played and produced in their own kitchen, idyllically located in the Danish countryside.

Martes spellbinding vocal, completely familiar with the technique of Balkan traditional singing is combined with nordic sound, accompanied by fierce beats and Mikaels springy saxophone.

Live, they bring along monster bass and highly groovy drums.

Touring Scandinavia, their audience is growing fast, knowing they'll have a party every time !

Listen to Megafons adventures and electrofolkdance till you drop !!

Megafon will release their new album”HURRA” 1. October 2011
Single/video ”Bondemand”released 3.3.11

MEGAFON did release their first album "ammetåke" in 2008.
Completely self made. Mikael produced the music, Marte designed the artwork,. A beautiful and more silent album than the one their working on right now...........

Mikael Fleron
The main producer and musician in Megafon.
Born in the Copenhagen suburb Albertslund.
His main instrument is the saxophone, but give him a bass, a guitar, a clarinet or any kind of wind instrument and he will play it. He started out as a kid with his sax in the local big band, but quite soon he went of to the avantgarde scene. Both as a singer and a sax player. Screaming his guts out in the underground of Copenhagen for years. In bands like Pornophones and Gyserfilm. He is also an excellent sound tecnician and has made sound and foley to a lot of films, television and commercials.

Marte Schau
The singer and main text and melodymaker in Megafon.
Born in a small village in Norway, she started to sing soprano in the local choir at the age of 6. She left for the city in her teens and gave it as a singer and partyqueen on the underground scene of Oslo. Wich also contained flamenco, and various nordic folk singing.
In 1991 she left for Denmark to get an education as an actress. There she met the fabulous bulgarian singer Tsvetanka Varimezova, and got hooked on the bulgarian style ! She has a.o. been singing with the Fleshquartet (S), Picnic (DK) , Kyed (DK) Tjamtjala (DK) and on films like ”Jeg er Dina” by Ole Bornedal and ”Skagerak” by Søren Kragh Jacobsen.
You can also hear her voice on Norwegian TV, as a program announcer on Discovery Channel or in commercials and movies.


LP; Ammetåke 2008
Single/Video; Bondemand 3.3.11

Set List

Approximately 1.5 hours of original material. A typical set list:

Marte solo: DANJO VA MAMA
Marte solo: Rafinka