Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

A musical beast of prehistoric proportions, with an insatiable appetite for fresh jams. Megalodon glides through seas of jazz, rock, classical and funk, searching for the next step in the evolution of improvised music.


Five musicians from multiple genres of music are introduced over a period of time. Composers all, each man performs music of different eras ranging from classical, jazz, rock, hip-hop, Africana, video game, and metal. The universe provides each musician with an element in the form of a fossilized puzzle-piece; one air, one earth, a large fire, and two waters. After a period of time the pieces gravitate together and create a picture of a giant shark, the Carcharodon Megalodon.
The music of Megalodon displays the emotional and compositional qualities of Classical Romanticism, the virtuosity and improvisational aspects of Jazz, the insidious groove of Rhythm and Blues and Hip Hop and the physicality of Metal and Hard Rock. Megalodon acknowledges the influence of music throughout history but distances itself from label and category. The group, self-sufficient in all aspects of the music business, is attributed to the consistent turn-out of hard work provided by each member.
Megalodon provides a positive experience for any kind of listener, not just because of its range of musical influence but because of the intellectual and humorous qualities that come with each show and recording. Dance, dine or drive to work and feel the presence of the shark in your life. Enjoy our music and we will see you soon.


Edible-Megalodon (2010)
Qi Punch-Megalodon (2012) Summer release