Hailing from San Francisco, California, Megamoog is a minimalist indie-pop duo. We create simple yet sweet melodies mixed with soft vocals and drum beats.


Megamoog has been crafting pop songs in her bedroom since her late teens. As a teenager, she spent her summers at the local thrift store scoping out the electronics section for Casio keyboards. Her intentions were not to become a musician, but to be collector (as her brother was). Soon after her first purchases, she discovered how much she enjoyed the sounds of these secondhand instruments. Short pop songs followed. Years later, Megamoog found herself on the East Coast, playing a few shows in New York and Boston. She has had the great opportunity of playing with bands such as Lullatone, Pipas, Pants Yell!, Suburban Kids with Biblical Names, YellowFever, The Besties, and Ponies in the Surf.

Currently, she has teamed up with her friend Phoebe who plays drums. They are working on releasing a 7" with Hugpatch Records.


My Friend EP (Digital Cloud Records, 2003)
The Split EP (Digital Cloud Records, 2005)
Young & Naive: 2004-2006 (Digital Cloud Records, 2006)

Goodbye (For Whom the Casio Tolls: First Blood, Asaurus Records, 2004)
Summer Kite (Mushpot Comp#1, Mushpot Records, 2006)
Bedroom Rockstars (Firsts, Digital Cloud, 2007)

Set List

Depending on the show, a set can range from 25-35 minutes or 7-9 songs.