Megan Hamilton

Megan Hamilton

 Kingston, Ontario, CAN

Ethereal folk in love with shoegaze and reverb.


Megan Hamilton finds a lot of joy in music. She has released 4 recordings and is about to unleash her 5th – Forty Warm Streams to Lead Your Wings, a full length piece produced by Jim Bryson. Recorded over several months with many trips between Kingston and Ottawa, FWSTLYW demonstrates a step forward in pop sensibilities, a reuniting with dreamy reverb and a little bit of the unexpected. This is Megan’s 2nd release with Ottawa dreamboat Jim Bryson. In Snow Moon, a 3 song EP released in 2013, the two worked together for the first time, forging a strong working relationship. FWSTLYW pushes Hamilton’s boundaries in a way that both naturally follows her trajectory of releases since 2006, and forces honesty into her work. Jim made her work hard. She examines life in her 5th decade, what it’s like to be married and to be a Mom, but still want to play music until 2 in the morning. And the 6am wake up the morning after.

She has toured across Canada from Newfoundland to BC. She’s played in Kentucky, Alabama and Texas. Her records have done nicely by the media. She’s played some neat festivals and opened for some of her favourite bands including Pink Mountaintops, Shotgun Jimmie, The Wilderness of Manitoba, and most outrageously My Morning Jacket.



Written By: Megan Hamilton

Come enter my room
Through the sleeves of perfume
And the pockets of gloom
My impossible womb

Come sit in my chair
Through this merciful air
With your face in my hair
Hear a sea-captain’s prayer

Slide down to the floor
And the sobs and the roar
Are the pleas you ignore
From your beautiful whore

See her dress is now creased
Says she loves you the least
Yet on you she will feast
Philosophical Priest

Your mass and your heft
Still the carnival left
Leaving you quite bereft
Of your option of theft

And the wind has all blown
And the children have grown
And the widows will moan
And your sword in my stone

Philanthropic Saint
Bless the Stars that you paint
Isn’t that oh so quaint?
All the goodness you taint

This is all I will sing
And I take off his ring
What a sickening thing
Is this mess that I bring

Are the Birds Caught in the Trees?

Written By: Megan Hamilton

He waits by the lamplight
his face is the colour of glow
Through the window
the moon flickers, sticky yellow
On his pant leg
the cat leaves a trail of her fur
Hear the room buzz
with purrs and the lingering
Are the birds
Caught in the trees?
Did the winter come?
Tell me, is it easier?
To remain where you are
When it all seems so far
And you don’t have a car
Or a friend who could take you

He heard a discouraging word
so he fled to away
With the frost in his heart
and a whiff of decay
How the shoreline was
gushing and frothy and strong
While the militant seagulls
were singing their
Was it wrong?
To ruin a Saturday?
While the neighbours were
Raking their leaves
To the road
Autopilot mode
And the heaviest Load
Floats into Space, a semblance of Grace

We’ll fix it tomorrow
The sticks that we borrowed
For campfires and tent pegs
Are bent like a broken leg
Snapped like guitar strings
Be careful of waxen wings
And all of the bad things
Are turning around
It’s the sound
Of a Saturday
Putter the day away
Open your heart
It’s a start
Dust off the table
Peel away the label
Honey you’re able
You’re able


"Feudal Ladies Club" (LP, April 2006 - FM 0101, Familiar Music); "how we think about light" (EP, July 2007 - FM 0102, Familiar Music); "See Your Midnight Breath in the Shipyard" (LP, April 7, 2009 - FM 0103)

Music is streamed in a variety of locations, most notably:, and on CBC Radio 3.

Set List

Set lists vary - generally we play original material with the occasional cover. We can play upwards of 1.5 hours