Megan and The Wheelmen

Megan and The Wheelmen


Megan and the Wheelmen is a hypnotic 5-piece band led by a soulful singer/songwriter with music influenced by many genres from jazz to folk to reggae and songs that are mellow and mysterious. The band focuses on the interplay of the haunting vocals and guitars, and enjoys experimenting with harmony.

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Front Porch

Written By: Megan Donley and Andrew Naylor

You sit on the front porch
You swing back and forth
ain't this a crazy world?
Everyone's running around
Everyone's running around

Standing in the crowd
Try not to think out loud
Ain't this a crazy scene?
Everyone's running around
Everyone's running around

We dance in a circle
Spinning like a carousel
The secret's in the center
And it will never tell

Let's live on the front porch
We'll swing back and forth
Escape this crazy world
While everyone's running around
Everyone's running around, etc.


We have currently recorded 4 singles: "5 Dollars," "Front Porch," "Cross My Heart," and "White Noise". These can be heard on our myspace page -

Set List

We are used to playing anywhere from one to three hours, and typically three. We sometimes include two to four covers in our longer sets, but we like to play mostly originals. The covers include "Wear Your Love Like Heaven" by Donovan, the old folk song "Old Fashioned Morphine" played by Jolie Holland, and "Angel From Montgomery". Here is a typical two-set set list:

"Parking Lot"