Austin, Texas, USA

Nationally touring, hard working, high energy hard rock band with a hint of sophistication.


Jeff Henson’s career as a studio engineer and producer has heavily influenced the music of Meganaut. After working years in recording studios, Jeff stumbled upon an amazingly solid pop drummer named Mark "Coco" Brown, who was then playing with other local bands. Looking to bring back great rock riff's with equally great melodies, the two soon formed MEGANAUT. Aaron Fenton was brought in soon after to cover the low end with his unique bass lines. Most recently the legend Mark Canepa, who was an original member of the band, was replaced by the fantastic Ben Fenton, who's been touring the world with Vast the last few years. Through the years of hard work and trial and error and the recent addition, Meganaut is now a shiny, loud, rock n roll beast to be reckoned with. Enjoy the rock!


The first album known as the "moonman" ep released in 2008. In 2010 Meganaut released the long awaited full length, self titled debut album, which received rave reviews in the underground hard rock circuit prompting national touring and international distribution. In 2012 meganaut released "more... better... meganaut vol. 1" on a limited edition 10" vinyl, which was hand screen printed by the band, in addition to the digital copies released. Vol 2 is set to release in the sprin of 2013

Set List

90 min original material