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"Cameron's latest CD is work of art"

Cameron's latest CD is work of art
by Gallagher
-Athens Insider Staff Write
Week of May 12
Megan Cameron's latest CD "Another Page" is wind in a bottle. Her voice breathes this spirit that is always swimming, riding the rolling breeze of her piano in a flow of music that doesn't repeat itself or fall in the cheapness of a catchy melody.
There's breath in the song, and music in the breeze, and it carries you rolling through the lyrics in a softness that echoes, but never repeats. The music is interesting, keeps the mind clicking its heels, and is good on the dreams if you throw it on in your pajamas and get lost to the night.
Local Athens musicians have the ability to band together, cooperate and collaborate, share the spotlight and get the music out just for the sake of the music, and this album is a good example of that.
Tony Beres fills in on percussion and didgeridoo. Lindy Kehoe plays flute. Will Perkins fiddles the violin. Michael Riggins does spoken word.
They mix with Cameron's vocals and piano in a good fit, adding more color and body to the music. The added musicians give the album a folk quality, wrapped around the classical appeal of Cameron's vocals and piano accompaniment.
The vocals are rich. There's spirit in Cameron's voice that's bold and carries a warm blooded feeling. Her voice is full of soul and a feeling that transcends. Her singing is richly textured, wrapping around different layers that gives each song a rich tapestry.
The lyrics sing about soul searching, transcendence with nature, and the female spirit. "Trees" ties to the earth. "I'm not Sorry" never apologizes for being happy and turning down the rat race. "Shaman's Heart" speaks to the voices in the head and spirits that go bump in our thoughts.
While some songs are a bit sentimental and said more than they described, there was an honesty to the lyrics that could be trusted and learned from.
With the trailing piano and the melody of her voice, Cameron's music is along the lines of Tori Amos. Her voice is rich enough to give each song the real body and the piano and accompaniment fit in as clothes.
- Athens Insider


Another Page - Megan Cameron's solo CD



Inspiring audiences with purpose driven music, Amethystone strives to raise people’s consciousness about environmental and social justice issues with stirring lyrics and lots of heart. Nestled somewhere between Tori Amos and Cold Play, Evanescence and Joni Mitchell, Megan Cameron and Amethystone create their own style of pop-rock, which brings classically influenced vocals, meaningful lyrics and funky beats to audiences everywhere.

Amethystone formed in 2005 when then solo artist Megan Cameron and bassist Michael Riggins began playing music with each other. What had been an acoustic act, became a full out rock experience, while still maintaining intimacy with the audience due to the honesty in Megan’s lyrics. “A lot of my music stems from the female experience of accepting and honoring ourselves. Its really great when someone comes up to me after a show and says they identify with a particular song” Cameron says, “as a music listener some of my biggest influences have been singer songwriter’s who spoke from their own experiences and really let the listeners in, like Tori Amos.”

Amethystone enjoys seeking out new venues such as festivals, community gatherings, and benefits that are helping create connections between people and the earth. They have happily performed at the Chillicothe Earth Gathering in Southeast Ohio for 4 years straight. They have also performed for events such as the Columbus Arts Festival in Columbus, Ohio, Ohio University’s Take Back the Night march and celebration in Athens, Ohio, and the Ohio Pawpaw Festival in Albany, Ohio. This year they are excited to begin recording their eco-fem pop-rock in order to share their music with more people in hopes of continuing to bring people together and inspire people to protect the earth.