Megan Cunningham

Megan Cunningham


I am a multi-instrumentalist, but primarily a fiddle player. My music is a fusion of traditional and modern Celtic, folk and country music. I have had a lot of experiences with a huge variety of styles and I am open to anything.


Megan has been playing fiddle since age 10. Influenced by the likes of J.P. Cormier, Natalie MacMaster, Ashley MacIsaac and the Rankin family at an early age, she has created her own unique style. Megan plays both traditional Scottish and Irish music, and also plays modern country radio music. She attends Music Industry Arts at Fanshawe College and has a technical background. She is one of Canada's new and upcoming Canadian Instrumentalists
Megan has been a private fiddle and guitar instructor for the past 4 years.
She has played in various bands and venues, and has been performing for 9 years. She started playing in a family band called The Cunninghams, and has played in a Garth Brooks tribute band and various appearances with other artists.

Set List

Traditional Scottish Tunes
Traditional Irish Tunes
Cape Breton Tunes
Bluegrass Tunes
Country Covers: "Devil Went Down to Georgia"
"Truck Got Stuck"
Garth Brooks material
(can do many lifts quickly) Great for cover bands