Megan D

Megan D


The Red Bull Of Music.


Megan D is a Maryland native who has always had a passion for music. Some of her earliest memories are of singing in her church choir, which allowed her to combine her two greatest loves, God and Music. By the time she was 5 years old, she knew that she wanted to sing professionally. Always the entertainer, she participated in talent shows, took acting classes and avidly pursued various forms of dance which included Tap, Ballet and Jazz.
Megan gained her first real glimpse at the inner workings of the recording business through her father who started his own record company, subsequently working with award winning recording artist Crystal Waters. She would spend evenings in the basement watching different artists record and became fascinated by the whole process, reaffirming that her chosen path was the correct one.

In middle school, Megan received classical training with the direction and guidance of her music teacher, Ms. Virginia Flynn who worked closely with her to develop her talents, but it was through participation in a Baptist church choir that Megan was able to truly realize the power of her voice. Megan showed an aptitude for songwriting and at the tender age of 11, she created her very first demo tape, having written all of the lyrics herself. By sixth grade she had formed her own singing group, HeavenSent and as a freshman in high school, she was invited to join the Maryland All State Choir.
She continued to study jazz and hip hop dance throughout high school, as well as actively participating in both Show Choir and Chamber Singers. Having mastered piano, Megan began teaching herself how to record. By the age of 16, she was producing her own tracks, transforming the notes in her head into musical pieces for the world to hear.

Prior to attending University of Maryland, Megan worked at WIHT HOT 99.5 as a programming intern where she learned how to create promotional CD's and voice spots for the station which periodically allowed her air time. Following her internship, she was hired in the promotions department as a Promotions Assistant while still carrying a full class load at the University. Realizing that school was keeping her from focusing on her true passion, she withdrew from school to pursue her career full time and further hone her craft.
She began working with several producers who helped educate her on proper recording techniques and vocal arrangements. Dividing her time between NYC and Philly, she attended various networking events which ultimately led to her cultivating a professional relationship with DJ Xclusive who was serving as the Music Director for XM radio's "The City". They collaborated on their first song, "Meant to be", which was well received, but ultimately Megan was becoming disillusioned with the pressure to fit into the R&B aesthetic.

Many discouraging events would lead Megan to wonder if she was on the right path but through her mothers support and prayer she found the strength and presence of mind to continue pursuing her dream and expressing her God given talent.

Then in May of 2009, DJ Xclusive, now going by the name Damion Daniel, shifted his musical focus and introduced her to Trance music. Though initially reluctant, Megan found that she enjoyed the different melodies and fast paced rhythms thus reacquainting herself with her love of music. Damion and Megan created "Broken" (which ended up being misspelled as "Broke") on an August 2009 Promo Only CD and garnered a small buzz, without the aid of any additional promotional efforts.

Later they created "Party Time" which would become her lead single on her up and coming album. Throughout her long, hard and bitter sweet journey the one constant that kept Megan focused was her faith in God. Through his blessings and love she found the strength to survive the personal and professional hardships that she has faced, making her value her current success that much more.


"Party Time"

Set List

"Party Time"
"Love's My Frienemy"
"Why Lie"

15 min.