Megan Heavlin Ochoa

Megan Heavlin Ochoa


sexy hippy jam music. makes you wanna...sway sultrily while letting the words wrap around you and suck you down and out. It's intoxicating lyrics and sexy beats that are delivered by a sexy girl and her guitar....sexily.


Every song that has been written or performed by me comes from a very real place in my mind that is manifested in reality through music. Whether it's tragically heartbreaking or sensually charged music, it's real. And it's intense.

As influences I would say Ben Harper, Fiona Apple, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Regina Spektor. Anything that is sexy and easy to move to with lyrics that really touch your soul.

Once you see me play live, you won't soon forget it. Or so I hear.



Written By: Megan Heavlin Ochoa

Verse 1:
Lookin down into your dark eyes I see the swirling champagne desire in my mind...and it's frightening.
Blazin eyes, you pin me with your stare you're on my skin you're everywhere...and it's all that I crave.

So come on a little closer come on close to me, take a look at my eyes tell me what do you see? Cause I'm swooning at your feet. Pull back the curtain who do I reveal, please tell me now, are you real?

Verse 2:
I'm gonna have my cake and eat it too, I'm gonna savor every little taste of you...on my kiss bruised lips.
Everyone's had a piece everyone but me, cause my favorite's you and you're just out of reach, from my fingertips.

Verse 1
Chorus softly


Written By: Megan Heavlin Ochoa

Go back to your reality.
I can't take it when you look that look at me.
It makes me shiver like a trembling leaf, well you are what you mean to me.

Back to routine uncertainty.
A guilt, a flashing sense of rationality.
A sense of warning this is not the place to be, but you are what you mean to me.

You are what you mean to me as hard as I try but I can't seem to separate the binding tie that deceives us, the binding time that misleads us.

Back the troubled late night dreams.
I'm lost in a world where nothing's what it seems.
A world that you want me but it's always just a tease, well you are what you mean to me.

Verse 1

I Lost My Breath

Written By: Megan Heavlin Ochoa

I lost my breath when I saw you in my door.
That look on your face...well my heart it wanted more.

I lost my breath when you took that step towards me. I needed your lips, yeah I needed them desperately.

I lost my breath when you slowly took my hand. My head began to swim, didn't know if I could stand.

I lost my breath when you pressed yourself to me...

I lost my breath when you sucked it from my mouth. Wet kisses across my skin, I felt you make your way on down.

I lost my breath when I felt you tug my hips and you wrapped your lips around me babe, and you gave me a searing kiss.

I lost my breath when you pushed yourself inside. And you made me see stars, so brilliant behind my eyes.

I lost my breath, oh darlin' I lost my breath.

I lost my breath...

Kiss Bruised Lips

Written By: Megan Heavlin Ochoa

Mi corazon you really twist me up, it's hard to see my half full cup, despite what I feel your voice say...
But like brilliant swirls of salt, tequila, lime, I look away and you're by my side, waiting patiently to burn me alive...

So intoxicate me, expertly play me like these strings under my finger tips, put yours up to my kiss bruised lips...

My kiss bruised lips.

Well oh my God, I didn't have that thought things shouldn't ever get that hot, there's a reason why the skin is weak...
Is it tease to taste let the wine erase our mind, float to a place where there's no time, pour gasoline on to burn me alive...


So look to me with dark eyes tell me your secrets that you hide, yo necesito tu, here tonight.
So escuches mi amor and leave your fears at the door and when I leave in the morn, I want these lips to be sore...

So intoxicate me
Expertly play me tonight
Intoxicate me
Make my pretty mouth gasp tonight


Cocaine Song

Written By: Megan Heavlin Ochoa

Well come on let's dance in the summer rain, all crazy like we're on cocaine. I wanna hold your hand and kiss your soul, make some sweet lovin' music...and some rock and roll.

We could be free as two birds as we fly on the sky, take a puff of the blunt take you up so high cause it's Saturday night and the music's hot. I got the rhythm inside...and it can't be taught.

Cause I can see in your eyes that you want to take flight from this same boring life that you use to get by.
So let your body just go, let it roll with my flow, come on lover...we can take this one so slow...

I wanna take it slow with you make it last all night, if you're wrong for me babe I don't wanna be right. I been lookin for you now where you been cause your kiss tastes like fire and your lips like sin.


I wanna take it slow with you make it last all night. Come on closer to me now you know I ain't gonna bite cause I know you like the way that I play my game and I know you play it too cause we're just the same. If you're wrong for me babe I don't wanna be right, just wanna dance with you baby, dance all night.

So let's dance.
I see you like my style
So let's dance.
I'll make it worth your while.
So let's dance.
Just give me a smile...

Let's dance.


Rhythm to It All

Written By: Megan Heavlin Ochoa

Well how can I shut out the hurricane inside? I'll surely drown, it's pouring in from all sides. A slow wait left to die.

A rusty stillness. Left in the dark alone behind the shadows where I don't want to's here I always go.

Is there a reason? A rhythm to it all, to know the secret, the right place to fall...the rhythm to it all...

There are no words, only actions to explain the tale of life the game, the only one we play.
Or can we help it? Is this where belong? Or is it all so wrong?
The rhythm to it all...
The rhythm to it all.

Set List

Used to playing on average 3 hour shows. Most played are as followed:

Original Songs:
Make Me
Kiss Bruised Lips
Rosy-Colored Glasses
Couldn't Be Easy
I Lost My Breath
No Good For Me
Sing My Song
Just a Feeling
Misty Kisses

I also usually throw in several covers that I have tweaked with my own spin to make them memorable. You won't forget them.

I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor)
Stand By Me (Ben E. King)
Hit Me Baby (Britney Spears)
Amazing Grace
Sexy Plexi/Me and Julio( Jack Johnson/Simon & Garfunkle)
Buttons (Pussycat Dolls)

Among others...