Megan Mechelle

Megan Mechelle


This young R&B prodigy's incredible writing style is only dwarfed by her even more illustrious voice. Mixing blues, pop, R&B and southern crunk into one unique listening experience. Megan Mechelle is rapidly becoming a household name in her local market and now has her sights set on global exsposure


Megan Mechelle is a 21-years-old artist with a soulful sound who aspires to be the next success in the ever evolving genre of R&B. She merges polished talent and versatility creating a unique and memorable experience for her audiences. Constantly thinking, dreaming and obsessing over her music has rendered success in her local area. "Music is not just a career goal; it’s my life and has been since my first solo at 7 in Woodbridge, VA. Accolades." Megan Mechelle won Ms. Most Talented 2004 (Senior Who's Who), she's a member of Sigma Alpha Iota Inc. (music sorority for women), participated at Deuce of Spring 05, voted Miss Gospel Choir 2005 and is appearing and performing at Campus of Alabama State University, and numerous clubs, schools and events throughout the US. Megan Mechelle is featured on many local and regional artists’ singles, albums & videos.


Tonight, Game

Set List

45 min to an hour. A compilation of 10 songs