Megan Palmer and the Hopefuls

Megan Palmer and the Hopefuls


Megan Palmer's music is all seasonal, all occasion music. Can be enjoyed on a beautiful summer evening, a snowy Sunday morning or rocking out on a weekend night. With it's myriad of styles it fits surprisingly well into one cohesive whole.


Megan Palmer spends a lot of time thinking about, playing, listening to, and writing music. She has done this since about age 6. She plays piano, violin, guitar and sings. She has played with many bands and songwriters. Most recently she has worked with the Spikedrivers, Tim Easton, Luther Wright, Eric Nassau, The Wahoos, as well as leading her own solo efforts. The Hopefuls are her band in Columbus. The Hopefuls consist of John Boerstler (guitar), Jimmy Castoe (drums) Larry Cook (bass), and sometimes Jeff Ciampa (bass) and Jen Miller (vocals). Megan has recently moved to Brooklyn NY, where she is playing lots of music also, with great minds such as Jason Crosby (fiddle, piano, guitar) Teddy Kumpel (guitar) Benny Cha Cha Rubin (bass) + Steve Purcell (drums)… The other notable thing Megan does to keep everything afloat is work as much as she has to as a registered nurse. It keeps her mind from going too crazy with all this music. She has been merging the two things lately and doing some volunteer work with a couple of organizations and has found that to be an interesting next step in all of this. Hopefully in 2010, the long awaited Hopefuls record will be released. Megan is also hoping to record more with the Spikedrivers, as well as more solo material in NY this coming year. Sometimes Megan likes to nap.


Megan Palmer and the Hopefuls - Old 33
Megan Palmer - Take You Away
Megan Palmer - Forget Me Not

The Spikedrivers
The Spikedrivers - Gather Round