Megan Pflueger

Megan Pflueger

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

We are known for being the band to go see on Sunday Nights on Broadway in Nashville. We are consantly keeping our audience on their toes with the variety of music we play and our stage prescence as well. We can go from playing today's country to 80's rock to Lady Gaga in a blink of an eye!


My name is Megan Pflueger. I am the lead singer of the band. I moved to Nashville four years ago to pursue my singing career and quickly became a popular entertainer on Broadway. I have really been focusing on writing and co-writing songs to release on a cd as soon as possible. I would consider my genre as pop/rock but I definitely love more 80's rock type style. I play with a great group of guys that play with established artists primarily. I love performing on Broadway in Nashville and other various bars but would love to travel more!! I play alot of cover band gigs in Nashville but love performing my originals that rock. In the meantime, just trying to get by as a broke musician doing what I love. I have such an amazing following and supportive fans, friends and family. I am a truly grateful, down to earth person and entertainer and I am thankful for every day that I get to play music.


Good Time Better

Written By: Megan Pflueger & Bridgette Tatum

nananana nannanana nannanana

verse 1
Party gets us rockin, ain't no stopping til the morning light
Shot, Shot, Chug Chug , Drink em, drink em all night
buzz killin , bad boys wanna get a free ride
no more tickets, sold out, priced so high
holla for ya dollas if we feel like it next time

tonight tonight tonight

we're just here to make a good time better
all these crazy fellas, wanna tickle our feathers
don't be diggin on our digits, don't be touching on our twitter
bout to tear this club up, gonna make it rain glitter
we're just here to make a good time better

nananannananana nananana nannanana

verse 2
Beats keep on pumping, keep us jumping, put our hands up
girls if you're feeling what we're feeling, raise your drinks up
drama to your momma cause we came here to have fun



repeat twice

Had it Comin'

Written By: Megan Pflueger & Jer Gregg

verse 1
Woke up in an 8 x 10
don't know where the hell i've been
I look down at the stamp on my hand
but i still don't understand

sometimes I like to get a little wild
and you know I have a problem acting like a child
bitch had it comin

verse 2
I look down and I could see my bloody, broken nails
I know it's a sin and I hate to grin
but I'm glad I gave her hell

sometimes I like to get a little wild
and you know I have a problem acting like a child
bitch had it comin

she knew she was messing with somebodys man
and I couldn't helo my drink from slipping from my hand
don't try to tell me that, I did wrong
that bitch had it comin....all along

You think you got away
You think you played it safe
but I'm still gonna for you
when I get outta here
you better steer clear
you don't know what I'll do



Currently working on tracks.....TBA

Set List


Hate Myself-E


I Love Rock N Roll-D

Keep Your Hands-A

Sweet Child O'Mine-D

Old Time Rock N Roll-F

Free Fallin-F

Hit Me w/ Best Shot-E

I want you 2 want me-A

I'm The Only One-G

Bobby McGee-G

Somethin'2Talk About-A

Shook Me All Night-G

Don't Stop Believing-E

Anyway You Want It-E

All Summer Long-D

Summer of '69-D

Living On A Prayer-D

Blister In The Sun-G

Your Love-E

Rock and Roll-A


Sunglasses @Night-Bbm

Never Been To Spain-G

What's Up-A

Black Velvet-E

You're No Good-Bb

Sweet Emotion-A

Can't Get Enough Ur Love-D

Hold On Loosely-E

Separate Ways-Em

Girls Just Wanna Fun-F


Heart Shaped Box-E

Gimme Shelter-B




Mustang Sally-C

Billie Jean-F#m


Good Time Better-F

Had it Comin’-A



Guys Do It All Time-