Megan Walsh

Megan Walsh


With a contemporary mix of pop, country, and indie folk music, Megan brings a unique sound to the singer-songwriter scene. With a beautiful, strong voice to compliment her heartfelt lyrics, Megan's sweeping melodies are unforgettable and a pleasure to listen to.


With a unique style that combines a pop, country, and indie-folk sound, Megan is making herself known as as singer-songwriter. Her first EP, All I Know, had a successful release on Bandcamp ( In the first week alone, the album landed a spot on the Bandcamp acoustic best seller list. All I Know also hit number one on the charts! In NYC, Megan has already headlined her own shows at The Parkside Lounge, along with one of New York's most famous music venues, The Bitter End. Megan will make her Chicago debut on August 19th at The Elbo Room's acoustic stage. Over the next year she will be continuing to write and perform, with the hopes of recording a full-length studio album.


All I Know - EP