Random (aka Mega Ran)

Random (aka Mega Ran)

 Phoenix, Arizona, USA
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Spontaneous. Fun. True. Unpredictable. Witty and inspirational. if you put video games, the 80's, hip-hop, soul music, jazz and stand up comedy into a blender, you'd have something close to The Random Experience.


Random, aka Mega Ran, Big Ran or Random Beats. Teacher, Rapper, Hero.

Born Raheem Jarbo in Philadelphia to a southern mother and African father, Random’s songs are filled with all of the heartache, pain, triumph, tragedy and fun that come with everyday living. A Philadelphia native and Phoenix transplant, graduate of Penn State University and middle school instructor, Random speaks to the everyman, transcending race or class barriers.”I never want anyone to predict my next move,” he says. You can, however, expect the unexpected from Random, hence the name.

After teaching himself to make beats on the MTV Music Generator software for PlayStation, Random landed a job at a Philadelphia studio as a producer and engineer. During downtime, he would create his first demo tape. This led to Random signing with indie label RAHM Nation Recordings and releasing his debut album, The Call in 2006.

The Call, a very political and spiritually charged album, went on to rave reviews and critical acclaim. The video for its single “Push” went on to be nominated for an Australian independent short film award. The Call is now being utilized in university coursework in several colleges in the US.

Random made waves by going way left of his backpack roots when he released “Mega Ran” in 2007. It was an album completely comprised of sampled 8-bit beats from the hit video game series “Mega Man.” The album (and its follow up, Mega Ran 9) virtually exploded after video game corporation CAPCOM offered Random a special licensing agreement, and calling on Ran to perform at Comic-Con and other special events.

In 2009, Random signed a deal with Japanese record label River City Records and released RANDOMONIUM, a collection of previously released material.

In 2010, Random collaborated with critically acclaimed producer K-Murdock to release FOREVER FAMICOM, a conceptual album paying homage to the 8-Bit NES and 16-Bit Super NES video game consoles.

Today, Random teaches middle school in Phoenix, AZ, and continues to travel and perform at gaming, hip hop and comic events all over the world. Random’s music has managed game and movie soundtrack placements and press coverage in Wired Magazine, The Phoenix New Times, URB Magazine, Game Developer, Nintendo Power, Blender, and more.

Something new… something different…this is the Random Experience.


Grow Up

Written By: R. Jarbo

Grow Up
(R. Jarbo)
© 2007 RandomBeats Music/Capcom USA

Man I promised I wouldn't get heavy on this joint {*static*}
I can't help it man I gotta be me {*static*}

[Chorus 2X: Random - singing]
I just can't seem to grow up
I said I just can't seem to grow up
But you know what? (WHAT~!)
I don't think I want to

Ah ah okay okay
I was a young'n maybe 7 or 8
When I was up late playin games 'fore I was straight
Babysitter on the couch tryin to get her freak on
I'm passin level after level thinkin I'ma be PWN
But little did I know they didn't have any endings
Every couple of levels I would go back to the beginning
Hard lesson to learn, but I recovered fine
Couldn't beat Pitfall and got tired of tryin
But when the NES came around I had to get down
If you ain't have it on the block then you was 'bound to get clowned
My game was Super Mario, I played it to death
First to get a hundred men kickin turtles on the steps
Learned that from GamePro, but it's a shame though
Nowadays video games ain't the same bro
Too complicated and they ain't worth the price
You know somethin they a lot like life, and that's why


[Interlude: Random]
Aight now follow me there, yeah
Say I don't care (I don't care) I don't care (I don't care)
Say I don't care (I don't care) say I don't care (I don't care)
I know you are but what am I? (I know you are but what am I?)
I know you are but what am I? (I know you are but what am I?)
Break it down


Know what?
I played every game in front of me, my peoples wanted none of me
Ran's skills in video games, they couldn't front on me
Mom knew how to punish me, take away the cords
'Til I thought they'd use the AC adaptor from my keyboard
That's when I knew that there was somethin amazin
My boys would get in trouble, I was cool cause I stayed in
Latch key kid, Home Alone like Macaulay
And 20 years later hostin Halo parties, cause


This song's for anybody who's ever been teased for being, a nerd
Don't sweat it, it's gon' be aight man
Fads come and go but intelligence, it never went out of style
Keep readin them books yo {*static*}
But uhh, lose the suspenders and the pocket protector
Mega Ran signin off, f'real


Written By: R. Jarbo, R. Brooks

(R. Jarbo, R. Brooks)

This is it right here

Thinking back when I younger and I always used to wonder filling
every summer learned to never lose the hunger ,
Only child no brothers like a jungle sometimes
On the block we had to rumble sometimes
Hustling dimes that was a cousin of mine
But I want him to shine he got a talent and be bussing the rhymes
I chilled wit the old heads so I knew what they was doin brought me
close and made me promise not to do what they was doin
81 or 82 when I heard pac man fever
Quarter century later I'm a rapper and a teacher
Hard to believe it now I'm traveling the country
I'm kinda good, but truthfully I'm real lucky
Cuz if Ali aint put me down I might still be recording on 4 tracks now,
wit a raw sound
And u don't know what it mean to me
To finally have somebody who believed in me

And allowed me to fly

open the cage so spread ya wings
Fly high above everything
they says the skys the limit but ya mind is limitless, up in the clouds

but ya work aint finished yet
Go head fly

'We'll never lose touch,' I remember it vividly
Now I'm too far for my homies to visit me
They you sold out when you get off the block
And they call you a soldier if u happen to get shot
Somethings wrong wit the picture u paintin dog
Difference between us I'm really congratulating yall
Cuz in Philly if you 21 you done made it far.
No hate in my blood, not a trace at all
For the shorties eatin rice in panama
Bring action like what come after lights and camera
Only difference between me and an amatuer
Both deserve 2 get paid but few demand it bruh
Take me to a place where the hate is erased from the face of every
in the nation
U might’ve seen me on a dvd
But that’s only cuz somebody believed in me

So imma flyyyyyyyyy

Fly..like drosophila melanogaster, not popular but that aint what I'm
Not 40 acres I just want greener pastures
Pastors who aint out for the green, we living backwards, rappers, what u

spitting is intermittent, a upside down version of inner city livin
I aint got nottin against reverend al, but I wouldn't be an artist if I
let u affect my style
Its turnin to a lecture now, I respect yall and I don't mean to let you

But check it, pal, the ghettos is falling apart
And you looking at rappers like its all of our faults
Common hit number one on the charts
You aint got no comment, why it got to be nonsense to get your involvement
Come to the projects or go to congress
skip those easy targets
We got the same goal but we took different routes, its a puzzle can't
nobody seems 2 figure out
We can take the word _____ out
But its bigger things we can't forget about

we wanna fly (chorus)

Aqua Soul

Written By: R. Jarbo

Aqua Soul
© 2007 RandomBeats Music/capcom USA

Yeah yeah, time to get a lil' bit grown up on 'em y'know
Can't stay 8-bit forever, heh
Once in a while you gotta step it up on some 16's y'knahmean?
That's the future right there
Mode 7, scaling and rotation and all that good stuff
Peep this yo

She had jet black hair, height five seven
Caramel complected, body like heaven
I see her every Sunday goin to church
But she don't see me, cause I be too busy with work
But I watch her ignore those ignorant brothers
that only wanna get under covers, she was classy
One day, we was face to face
But I choked (UGH) and let shorty walk right past me
I wasn't even programmed to be smitten
So I can't logically explain the feeling I'm gettin
But I know we can never be (why?)
My career is too dangerous to consider any longevity
She probably like brothers of a different breed
But I know I can give her the affection she needs
But if she ever knew the truth about Ran
I don't think she'd ever understand, so I ain't got a chance

[Chorus: Random]
Cause I'm just a robot, baby I know not, what I'ma do
(I don't know what I'ma do)
Cause darling is so hot, and I just want to, be with you
(I got to be wit'chu)
But I'm just a robot and baby I know not what I'ma do
(I don't know what I'ma do)
Cause darling is so hot, and I just want to, be with you
(So hot... I want to be wit'chu)

I found out Kalinka was her name
Had to get reprogrammed to get her off the brain
Cause I was goin to war in 3 weeks
Dr. Wily's 8 new robots to defeat
I tried to focus, but everything was hopeless
She blew up my spot like Bombman's explosives
And I was on my way to Dr. Light's
I stopped at the light, and who was at my right?
Kalinka, with a big smile on her face
She looked and said "Don't I know you from someplace?"
I said yeah kinda sorta you Dr. Cossack's daughter
Asked her to pull over she said "I don't think I oughta!"
Tried not to come off like a stalker
But I ain't never been too much of a smooth talker
I said from the moment I met you, I felt you
But it's a lot of things I just can't tell you


A couple weeks passed and we kickin it exclusively
Can't seem to put a finger on what she do to me
I talk to the Doc, he got no idea
He didn't give me a heart so I wouldn't have fear
But he told me I should probably stop seein her
'You leavin in three days, you know you can't be with her'
I know, I need to concentrate on the mission
'Too many irons in the fire burn down the kitchen'
I know, I gotta go, got a date at 7:30
And if you late you timely, on time is early
Vrrrrooom, I sped off to meet her at the theatre
Said she'd be out front, but I don't see her
So I went back to my car to sit and chill
Noticed a pink note, hangin on the windshield
It said "I love you but you keep too many secrets
That ain't the kind of guy I wanna be with"

Seems like our hero is in a bit of a jam
Will Mega Ran and Kalinka be together?
Does Dr. Light, sense evil within Kalinka?
Or is he just hating?
Will Mega Ran be ready, for Dr. Wily's latest assault?
Stay tuned Mega fans
For the next exciting episode of... Mega Ran!


Written By: Raheem Jarbo

(R. Jarbo, M. Weiss)

I was the man of the house at twelve
Contemplating ways to make it up out this hell
Survive and maybe write a book all about the tale
Cause mama said “with just a smidgeon of doubt you fail”
So since then I hit the block with no ounce to sell
Cause I knew she wasn’t bailing me out the jail
If I got caught so I fought for the heart to take part
In an art that was likely to tear my soul apart
So call me conscious cause I don’t spit nonsense
I just give them options, diversify the topics
Knock it if you must, you wouldn’t be the first one
And I’m certain, got thick skin so it don’t hurt none
If I was cursing and blurting stupidity
It only make the situation worsened
My peoples is thirsting while deamons is lurking
It’s bout time somebody pulled back the curtain
PUSH like a mother giving birth when it hurts
PUSH when the scene look the worst I’m the first one to
PUSH for Dr. King and PUSH for Malcolm
PUSH the powers that be to change the outcome
Yo I change for work so I can work for change
And make the change work for me, it’s a hurtful thing
Getting paid on Friday and broke by the weekend
Depressed, I can’t do much else but sleep in
We were bred for a life of crime
Only legit way is hoping or writing rhymes
The mic’s my grind, third job, seed that I never had
Fight for, scream, even dream with a pen and pad
Yo I was raised with no pops and haters was the stovetops
Looking at it objectively, I see why rappers go pop
But I couldn’t look my peoples in the eyes
Knowing I lied and became the one thing I despise
So I gotta push hard, scarred and bruised up
Watching the same system that falsely accused us
I know I’ll be in pain
But I can’t let the work of my ancestors be in vain

So I’ll PUSH.

Splash Woman

Written By: R. Jarbo

This is a mission not a small time thing they got me on the case I'm sherlock
Holmes, my dome kinda messed up from what I been seeing, and what im hearing got me not knowing what to believe in.
I was breezin battlin bosses
Record is flawless. Zero losses
Till I came across this stunning young piece
Who resided at the bottom of the sea
Now she, told me her name was splash woman
Beautiful but deadly, she was mad cunning
She had a voice that could calm the savage
Beast her physique was way above average
Magic the way she caught me in her spell
Got me on lockdown Sorta like a cell,
But I got a mission and I can't afford to fail, girl I got a secret to tell
I don't really know how to say this
So imma just say it, you my favorite
Even underwater I'm enchanted by ya fragrance
You're nothing to play wit won't u be my baby
Maybe we can get up outta this lair
And maybe get a bite somewhere my dear
And even though she knew the the truth about ran, I had a feelin she would understand: I think I got a chance

Splash woman, splash woman, splash woman, splash woman

Thought I was in love before
But I love you more
So baby come aboard and go away with me,
so I can make you see what you mean to me
and baby we can be...free
A whooa.....Under da sea..whoooa
Just u and me

Seem like
Every couple years I get that feelin
Feeling like I'm about to hit that ceiling,
But I can't cuz it's lined wit spikes
When I reached her lair and it was time to fight,
I couldn't do it, punked out like ashtons victims:
she started singing and I had to listen
It was lovely, when she sang the fish came,
my mission changed it's insane
She told me her story bout her true purpose
used to save victims who fell thru the surface
But a few days ago her contract expired
And she was scheduled to be thrown into the fire
And wily gave her a reason to live
So now she gotta do what he says
She shed a tear and said you don't understand,
I gotta stick to the plan
I owe everything to this man
So please mega ran
Don't take it personal
Cuz it hurts i know, but I ain't wanna make it worse ya know
he saved me baby,
So to turn my back on wily is just plain crazy
She said this is the only way it can end
Let the battle begin, we can't be friends
My heart sunk slow as the lair door closed.
Drew my mega buster cuz it's time to roll
.here we go...

The *battle was on, and it was fierce
Hit me in the side and left my armor pierced
On her command the fishes attacked me,
cocked the mega buster and hit em exactly
But the battle took a turn that was odd
every time I fired a shot, she didn't dodge
She took each blast from the armcannon
Smiled at me as each shot was landing
At first i i didnt kniw what she was plannin
Then Suddenly I started understandin
Yo I think she letting me win
Giving me what I need so I can get to the end?
By the 17th hit she began to stagger
Fell to the ground so I ran and grabbed her
looked in her eyes & she tried to laugh
Pulled me close and handed me her staff
I *said i wish i it didnt have to be like this
I'm think he might miss her if she be my miss
She said don't be foolish, u gotta do this
Let the whole city know what the truth is
She said boy u got stuff to do
I said girl I woulda gave it all up for you
I feel invincible when I'm holding you
But as far as love goes, now I'm 0 for 2


2006- The Call (RAHM Nation)
2007- Mega Ran (RAHM Nation/RandomBeats Music/Capcom Ent.)
2008- The 8th Day (RAHM Nation/RandomBeats Music)
2009- Mega Ran 9 (RAHM Nation/RandomBeats Music/Capcom Ent)
2010- Forever Famicom (Neosonic Productions)


2006 - "Push" radio play in US
2008 - "Black Box (w/MC Frontalot) radio play in US and Canada
2010 - "Dream Master" and "Epoch" streaming radio play in US and worldwide

Set List

typical set length is from 20 to 45 minutes. includes wardrobe changes and covers including Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" and more.