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A blend of hip hop music with a caribbean twist


Music is all that I have left in my life, and it's all I've known since the age of 4! Surrounded by it growing up with an uncle that played over 10 instruments, adapting to the art wasn't difficult.

Growing up in the Caribbean, world music sounds dominated the airwaves as international cultures fuse to make the unique sounds of the Islands.

I fell in love with the sounds and styles of Hip Hop while many of my friends in my environment gravitated towards Reggae, Dancehall, Junkanoo, Soca and Calypso, Hip Hop became my passion.

From LL Cool J to Lil Wayne, Hip Hop was in the air that I breathed. I started performing professionally in 2000 as an international recording artist. I trained as a Sound Engineer and Producer so I make alot of my own music, so now I'm ready to take my music to the world.

Get Ready for Megaton!!!


Island Summer

Written By: Antoine Thompson

Island Summer

1st verse
Man nothing feels better
Like the island summer breeze
The temperature is at a
Warm 85 degrees
What else is there to do here
But sit back relax and ease
While I'm laying in the waters
Of the blue bahama seas
Parties on the beach
Yeah we got um everyday
I'm calling up the homies
Let'um know I'm on the way
But first I gotta hit the barbershop
And get a fresh cut
Cauz I might just run into a honey
Wit a nice butt
The liquor store is where
I'm headed at next
Grab a few Kaliks
Budweiser and some becks
A few Bacardi breezers
For the girls who watch their figures
And don't forget to get
A case of heiney for my niggaz
I think the islands
Were made for the summertime
Where we sipping Corona's
With a twist of lime
I'll never trade
This kind of life in for another
And even in the wintertime
It feels like the summer
I could talk about the island life
Cauz I live it
I guarantee you'll feel the same way
Once you visit
It's a celebration
So I hope you made your plans
Cauz once you make it here
You may never leave the land


Verse 2
Now you could catch me at the Seaside having few martini's
While I watch the ladies
Model round in their bikini's
Rent a jet ski
Just to cruise cross the ocean
Chick my co-pilot
Cauz she said she likes the motion
I'm swinging left to right
While I'm puffing a cohiba
Eating conch fritters
Putting down a margarita
I love to see my island ladies
Looking like a diva
They alway picture perfect
Something like the Mona Lisa
Dress code is casual
When playing in the sun
A white Lacoste shirt
Matching air force one's
I'm loving every minute of it
And it's getting better
I hope I never die
And get to live this way forever
Island summer nights
Really there is no comparison
Other places try to duplicate it
Ain't happening
Often imitated but you
Really cant copy us
We got that island magic
So you know it's only obvious
Why I'll never leave
And why you always come back
A bit of paradise
Everybody wants that
If you end up somewhere else
Its gonna be a bummer
There's nothing in the world
Like a sweet island summer



Island Summer feat Romano