Meg Baier

Meg Baier


Caught somewhere between the lyrical prowess and vocal energy of singer/songwriter Meg Baier, few would refute she is the musical embodiment of honesty, soul, intelligence and passion.


Meg’s studies as a music major have developed in her a complex musical ear which her songs reflect in deftly subtle ways. She plays piano and guitar with a style that is both rhythmic and melodic, and while some artists play simple changes in an ornamented fashion, she chooses sophisticated changes played without the fluff. She can move from one key to the next in ways that are both clever and discreet creating melodies that lilt and pull at your heart strings.


Firework in a Flower-EP (2003)
Christmas-EP (2005)
Love Lies Bleeding-LP (2006)

Set List

Anywhere from 1-4 (30-45) minute sets. Sometimes including covers by artists such as Bjork, Rilo Kiley, Death Cab For Cutie, Sufjan Stevens.

30 minute set:

Trading Vices
Confessions of a Naughty Cowgirl
White Out
Earth is Burning
Motion for a Light
Rapids and Waterfalls