Meggie K

Meggie K


I am a product of my influences. My music has a folk,jazzy and organic feel like Jewel and Norah Jones as well as a deep melancholy like Tori Amos and Fiona Apple. Influences from 80's bands like The Cure and Depeche Mode and electronic musicians like Bjork and Radiohead are also apparent.


I was born Maegan Kerryn Hayes in Cincinnati, Ohio where I lived a large majority of my life. I began to sing and write the moment I was able to. I grew up singing to my friends at recess on the playground and performing in various childrens choirs and school choirs. I sang in two operas with the Cincinnati Opera at Music Hall in downtown Cincinnati at age nine. My father taught me to read music when I was ten and forced me, at the time, to play and practice piano regularly. I, of course, thank him for it now :) I wrote my first song in the sixth grade. In the seventh grade, I starred in my first musical, "Oklahoma." It was around this time that I became very serious about my abilities. I was given the option to stay at a normal school and be unique from the other students, or to go to an arts school where I would be just another talented kid. I decided that I would rather be around others with the same passion for art as I had. So, for my eighth grade year I auditioned for Cincinnati's School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA). The moment I walked through the door I knew I had found a home. I absolutely adored my school! Students walked down the halls dressed in costumes and singing constantly, just like me! I attended school there for five years, eighth through twelfth grade, majoring in vocal music, drama, and creative writing. I started to teach myself how to play guitar around my sophomore year, realizing that in order to be a successful solo artist I would need a portable backup instrument. I immediately began to write song after song. Being surrounded by all kinds of art at school every day I was given tremendous and constant opportunity to develop my talents. I will forever be humbly greatful for the time I was allowed at SCPA. I graduated in 2001. Then, I took off to Europe with my best friend and musical soulmate, Lindy. We hitchhiked through Europe for two months , singing and playing on the streets, on restaurant terraces, and at festivals. I had the time of my life those two months! I developed a lot of my own musical style while I was there. After returning to the States, I spent some time polishing my guitar playing and my entire act.... And wasteing way too much time on a guy, which is an entirely different story! Finally, I moved to San Diego in January 2003 to "become a star" in sunny Southern California. Since then I have taught myself to use a recording program called Cubase SX and have recorded my own CD. And now, my time is spent playing at various coffee houses and bars, selling my CD and doing all I can to increase my chances of success while waiting for the right opportunity to come along.


My first CD is being played on a radio station in France.

Set List

I will usually do a 1 to 2 hour set of all originals and maybe only a couple of covers that are versions altered into my style and usually ballad versions.