Hantsport, Nova Scotia, CAN

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I am “Meggie Lou” from Hantsport, Nova Scotia. I am 15 years old and I am going into grade eleven in 2011-12, at Horton High School.

Our town of Hantsport has approximately 1191 people.
I guess that is why my brother and I perform “Famous in a Small Town” By Miranda Lambert, together because it suits us.

I love performing, and I have been performing since I was four years old. My first performance was at L. E. Shaw Elementary School, Avonport, NS, in grade one. I used to be so shy, that my Mom bought a hat and sunglasses to wear to hide my face. I did not like anyone looking at me while I was on stage. Now, I still like to wear hats, but not for that reason.

I love, and admire Taylor Swift, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Carrie Underwood, Leanne Rimes, Keith Urban, Shania Twain, Miranda Lambert, and many more. I know quite a few of their songs and perform them at many local functions.

My Step-Dad (Craig) taught me how to play guitar when I was nine. He also taught my brother Mac. See, my Mom has us three, Tyler, Mac and Me, and my Step-Dad has his three, Courtney, Morgan and Ryan, and together they have Jodie May. Jodie May, is the link for the two families, and my biggest fan. We are known as the “McNeil Bunch” and you can find us on “you tube.” Craig, Ryan, Mac and I, all play guitar, so…..someone had to be the singer.

I have performed at many functions such as the Apple Blossom Teas, Kingsport Gala Days, Scott’s Bay Days, Lawrencetown & Aldershot Idol, Port Williams, Woodville, White Rock, Hals Harbour, and Scott’s Bay Variety Shows, Weddings, Reunions, Retirement Parties, Graduations, Benefits, Musicals, Plays, Dinner Theatre, “Night Kitchen”, Wolfville, “Open Mic,” Spitfire, Windsor. I have also had the exciting opportunity to perform with the “Country Generations” Band in Margaretsville.

Jerry Neville, from AVR, invited me to perform my songs “LIVE on AIR” on AVR, one morning after he saw my performance at an Upper Clements competition. I loved it when he said, “Coming up….after Alan Jackson, we have “Meggie Lou” in the studio this morning.” I will never forget those words as long as I live.

This summer I performed at the “Cancer Relay Race” in Windsor. I sang a tribute song by Melissa Ethridge.

My songs have also been played on 4 internet radios stations.

My demo Cd is being produced by Wild West Productions, and is almost completed.If you would like a copy, e-mail me. I have also written and composed seven of my own songs. They are registered with the “Songwriters Association of Canada”. One song will be used along with a heritage display about “Anne Frank” and her life. It was written as a project in English class about the diary of Anne Frank, and I put it to music for the display.

The most exciting contest was a Shania Twain Contest I entered when I was seven and I won a CD from Shania Twain. Part of my video, of myself singing a Shania hit, was played on Canada AM.

I alsoparticipated in the “Maritime Idol” competition. This competition had contestants from the age of 13-34 for all the Maritimes. Although I did not win the competition, it helped me improve my confidence and stage presentation ability. I ended up being ranked 6th for the whole competition. I was described as “engaging and pure.” The most exciting night, was when my ranking was #1 with the audience. This was the night I performed my own song, for the first time in front of a live audience.

This past spring I also had the opportunity to perform at the ECMA's in PEI on the discovery stage. I was also able to meet George Canyon. He said he was listening to my CD in his vehicle. The scout pulled me from the discovery stage and put me on the ECMA radio for a 45 minute interview. It was a very exciting moment, to hear my entire Demo played on the radio.

I will be proud to represent Nova Scotia‘s talent. I have a tremendous amount of support from my family and my community. I look forward to fulfilling my dream of becoming a young Canadian performer, for our young Canadians to be proud of.




Written By: MEGGIE LOU


Its your eyes, I get lost in
It’s that smile I‘ve seen before
It’s when you look at me and
I’m on top of this world
It’s everything you say
That makes me act this way

It’s you that keeps me holding on
That keeps me going strong and
Keeps m e from falling off
Oh…It’s you
That keeps me up and night
Wishing you were holding me tight
Before I start to cry
Oh….It’s you

It’s you that makes me feel better
When I’m upset
It’s you to tell me when I’m wrong
And then you feel bad
It’s you who keeps me in line
Even when you know I’m fine



I wish you were here tonight
I can figure out why
Cause… I don’t know what to do
All I know …..It’s you


Keeps me on my knees
Begging please
Comeback to me
Oh oh
Oh oh
Comeback to me



I would like to thank everyone that helped to make this dream come true and
make this possible for me. I would like to thank my step-father Craig, for
playing guitar many times for me, when I did not know how at the time... my little
sister Jojo, for being my #1 fan... my brother Tyler, for being the
inspiration behind "It's You"... my little brother Mac, for being there for me...
my step-sister Courtney, for always being there to cheer (Tommy too)...
my step-brothers Morgan and Ryan, for putting up with me the day before
an event :)….Mama Lou and Papa (Mary Lou and Don Tupper) for being so
proud of me...Aunt Cathy Jo and Uncle Chris, for teaching me their favorite girls.....they help to give me girl power at boys...
they give me the ideas for my songs...all the local organizers who invited
me to perform at their events...Steve West, for his encouragement and
for recording my songs...Caleb Mac, for doing my back-up vocals/strings...
LE Shaw, for being the best school ever and for building my confidence at an
early age...and EVERYONE that has encouraged me at the many competitions and events.
Thanks to my father for giving me the strength to get up in front of many
people and just be myself ...without a care.
"IT'S YOU" is dedicated to my brother Tyler. I wrote it for him when
he moved away. Love you Ty!
Thanks Mom, for always being there for me!
Love you all!!
Meggie Lou