Meggie Palma

Meggie Palma


Bi-lingual, multitalented singer from Vancouver, Canada. This playful, sexy angel pop artist is ready to reap havoc in pop music.


Meggie Palma was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Raised between the Philippines and Canada until she was six, she eventually settled in San Diego. It was there she began her journey creating and performing music. Classically trained pianist, she won many competitions and received critical acclaim at her recitals throughout junior high and high school. In addition to playing piano, she was a soloist in her high school choir. Beside choir, she entered many talent competitions throughout Vancouver and San Diego which sparked her desire to pursue a career in music.

Meggie left business school, family, and friends to follow her dreams to become a singer/entertainer in Los Angeles. Her first single “Slinky” was written and produced by Dominique Wilson and the slamming single “Stop” written by Meggie will open people to her vast talent. Her debut album will have a mix of rock, pop, angel pop R&B and acoustic which definitely reflects Meggie Palma as the dynamic artist she is.

Meggie Palma's influences include a wide array of talent to include Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Prince, Pat Benatar, Aerosmith, Britney Spears, and Shakira. She also includes music from her parent’s generation, some of her favorites being; Don Mclean, The Bee Gees, The Beatles, Santana, Elvis Presley, Elton John, James Brown, and Queen.

Look for her debut album (not yet titled) in spring 2010. Her first single will be released to internet and college radio Summer 2009.



Written By: Meggie Palma

I see you standing over there
Holding on to what we shared
You try to whisper in my ear
All the things that use to bring my tears

(Stop don’t rush me, Stop don't try to push me, try to push me,
to somewhere I don’t want to be)

Cuz I wont fall, fall for your love, Cuz I cant afford for these eyes to cry no more

Just stop right there don’t come inside
There's no place for you to run and hide
I won’t tell you again forget you ever saw my face,
Cuz when you want it again you'll never get a single taste

Now it's time for me to decide
Who'll be the one to walk by my side
A soldier, who's stronger, who's bolder
Who fights for my love

(Stop don’t rush me, Stop don't try to push me, try to push me,
to somewhere I don’t want to be)


You think you think you got (repeat) no can do

Piece of art, flawless
Never heard or saw this,
see this, fearless, don’t you want to get near this
MG TV chillin on the widescreen
blowin up the mainstream
Check out my prada jeans
got the first ones on the scene
my style is so mean



Written By: Meggie Palma

Boy there's something about you
You bring so much joy into my life too
So what can I do to keep you bouncin a with me
I must be dreamin
Cuz now I finally got you
I wonder can you hang if it becomes real to you
Cuz if I take you there
Here/s how I'm gon play with you

Baby you're my sinky slinky slinky
You're my wonderful wonder for joy
Baby you're my slinky slinky sllinky
You're my wonderful wonderful ful toy

Now hold up wait a minute let me put some spring into it
Just spring with me just spring with me....
Ima show you this brand new dance make you do the slinky dance
Stretch you out, turn you out, let you see what I'm about
Just spring with me......

Now baby I know you're feeling my flow,
I can take you where you want to go
You can meet me after my show
ooh keep it on the low


Once I hit the flo you always want some mo
Ima hit em up with that slinky flo
Home boy in the crowd and he feelin my dance,
If you dont know how to slinky then don't try to romance
Do you feel me ?Are you with me?
Can you slinky? I know you slinky, cuz when you slinky you can get down with me ay



New Artist - Upcoming CD release in 2010

Set List

4 songs - 20 min set with dancers