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Meghan Morrison

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2006
Band Folk Progressive


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Meghan Morrison @ Grumpy's

montreal, Quebec, Canada

montreal, Quebec, Canada

Meghan Morrison @ Avant Garde Bar

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Meghan Morrison @ Humble Beginnings

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada



"Moon Vs Sun: An Intimate Evening With Raine Maida And Chantal Kreviazuk - Mod Club - May 27, 2015"

It seemed to be a mystery to many if there was an opener or not. Most thought it was solely Chantal and Raine we were waiting for. Well, we were all treated to progressive singer-songwriter Meghan Morrison. Meghan captured the room’s attention with her powerfully melodic, folky vocal stylings and youthful quirkiness. Beginning behind some keys and complimented by violinist/vocalist Kelly Lefaive, and then transitioning to a bass guitar, Meghan showed off multiple talents. The combination of Meghan’s voice, bass, and violin showcased a beautiful contrast. Meghan also brought the crowd into an east coast folk tune, getting everyone to stomp along to her a cappella performance. Currently based out of Toronto, and working on a new EP due out in the fall, Meghan Morrison is one to keep an eye out for. - Toronto Music Reviews

"Moon vs Sun: Raine Maida & Chantal Kreviazuk with Meghan Morrison at Mod Club"

Moon vs Sun: Raine Maida & Chantal Kreviazuk with Meghan Morrison performed at the Virgin Mobile Mod Club in Toronto. - Live In Limbo

"Photos: Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk, Meghan Morrison @ The Mod Club"

Raine Maida, who is best known as the lead singer for Juno Award-winning rock band Our Lady Peace, who released their newest album, Curve, on April 3rd, 2012, and Chantal Kreviazuk, the Juno Award-winning singer-songwriter who has co-written hit songs with Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson, and Drake, performed together at The Mod Club in Toronto last night with Toronto-based pop singer-songwriter Meghan Morrison. - Aesthetic Magazine Toronto

""Meghan Morrison Holds Nothing Back""

With her signature sounding vocals Meghan Morrison creates a delightful flowing soft rock/pop album titled We Are All Born Naked.

There are so many elements which go into each song to create this easy listening album. I am still a huge fan of her vocals. The way she transcends into her high notes then slides back into her mid tone vocals. There is also a popular Canadian songstress that you will instantly hear as well in Meghan’s vocals, even though she has told me that it is completely incidental and she doesn’t really hear it.

We Are All Born Naked consist of eight songs which range from a classical sound to soft rock and a pop element. The instrumental arrangements in a certain couple of songs are quite impressive especially due to the fact that the album is an independent release. I am quite amazed that the recorded quality of the album exists especially with all of the arrangements in the song. “Tori Amos” is name that I wouldn’t be afraid to reference this Meghan’s vocals and album to as well.

“The Weather Girl” is one of my favourite songs from the album. The song starts off with a vocal solo by Meghan then the song quickly takes off with quite a bit of strength. The combination of the keys, drums and guitars artistically goes together splendidly. With the addition of Meghan’s vocals this song makes a statement for me on the album. Vocally she holds nothing back throughout this song; this song is a strong statement and shows the attitude which she adds to her songs. The keys are such a major power source for the song. I could really see this song being used commercially especially in movies. .

When I listened to “Long Way” for the first time I instantly thought of specifically of Edie Brickell during the opening lyrics to the song by the way they sound and performed. The string element in the song compliments the high notes which Meghan reaches throughout the song. The Irish Whistle in the song was different sounding touch to the song. “Long Way” strains away a little bit from the other songs in the album, but still makes a strong stance on the album.

“This Song” finishes off We Are All Born Naked. The lyrics in the song are quite cleverly written which powerfully written. It starts to beg the question if this song is personal song or just a topic which she chose to write about. Once again the instrumental arrangement in this song is greatly put together. Then Meghan comes in to pretty much top it all off with her vocal reach throughout the song. - Kingston Music Reviews

""Making People Notice""

"Now, Meghan Morrison... she's an up-and-comer, definitely! You can check it out on her site. She has some really great ideas on supporting independent music artists. Not just herself, but others. This lady has got some go-juice and that is for sure. If only all indie artists had the same attitude, it would be a -well it is a dynamic scene, but it would be a much more dynamic scene. Too many artists out there get a myspace page and say 'now the world's going to come to me'. She's a go-getter. She's out there making people notice her and that is very important, man. I have nothing but respect for Meghan Morrison" - Eban Crawford - Reaching For Lucidity

"Meghan Morrison Band Rocks The Central"

From kicky pop tunes to haunting or emotion-filled ballads, Morrison’s powerful lyrics and vocals grab the audience and keep them there for the ride (click link to read more). - Life With More Cowbell

"You Really Just Have to See For Yourself"

They say some things you really just have to see for yourself to really appreciate them. In the case of Meghan Morrison I always knew that she was good but before yesterday, I didn’t really know how good she was.

It’s been about a year since I Meghan Morrison has been on TOSRadio, and in that time I’ve become pretty well acquainted with her music to the point that I don’t even need to look at my Zune HD to know which of her songs that I’m listening to. Having said that, to my own surprise and disappointment up until yesterday, I had yet to actually see her perform live. Now having seen her perform live, it has brought a brand new element to my listening experience; I now have a whole new appreciation her talent and music that she brings to the table. (click link to read more) - INtune Magazine

"A Walk on The Dark Side"

She may look like the poster girl for sensitive indie chicks but Meghan Morrison is all that and a savvy business head. Which means her chances of survival are that much better that if she was a pure artiste and the lady is well aware of how it is... (click link to read more) - Cashbox Magazine Canada

""I just love this girl""

The ever charming and versatile Meghan Morrison is back with her new album, “We are all born naked.” I just love this girl; she is soulful, lovely, talented and unpretentious in life and in her art. Her voice always reminds me of a young Alanis Morissette, with her own distinctive style and presence of course.

The first track “We are all born naked” is a great one, a nice upbeat message. Then right into the second track “The Weather Girl” which is a completely different pace, and very original! I have to say that “Hush” is one of my favorites; I find it to be a strong ballad, showcasing her skills to the utmost, a very powerful song that draws you in. - Lipstik Indie


Songposium 2010 Assessment of "This Song" - Dan Hill

""We Need More Music Like This""

Songposium 2010 assessment of "This Song" - Emm Gryner

""Meghan Morrison Is A Delight""

Meghan Morrison is a delight – a tiny gal with a big shiny positive energy. She’s a lovely singer/songwriter who reminds me of Alanis Morrisette crossed with early Sarah McLachlan. - Life With More Cowbell

""Melodic, passionate, with shades of darkness""

Following on the heels of The Human Race is Meghan Morrison accompanied by a guitarist and a violinist. They have all just come
from Woodstock, New Brunswickas part of a promotional tour for We
are Born Naked – their new album. Meghan sounds like Alanis Morissette and plays a McCartney-style Hofner bass. The music is melodic, passionate, with shades of darkness. Her song ‘Long Way’ reminds me of Patti Smith with its spoken word bits: “Salad bar religion, debt for education, believing what they say on television … We’ve come a long way baby, we’ve come along!” It is 1:30 a.m. when Meghan ends her set. - Glebe Report

""Very Cool Original Tunes""

"Very cool original tunes, reminiscent of Alanis Morissette and early Sarah McLachlan" - The Alumnae Theatre Company

""Good Chorus Hooks""

“If you like a rock-pop sound, with good chorus hooks and a nice sound from good musicians, by all means check her out." - Mattzors
- The Serious Business

""A High Pitched Female Rock Attitude""

“I have heard many lead vocals in my time ... Meghan has vocals in which I admire... from a soft rock to a high pitched female rock attitude... I would advise picking up your copy as soon as possible" - Matt Hartwick - Party in Kingston

""A True Troubadour""

"Her songs are of a true troubadour, and from”Rise and Shine” to “Ball and Chain” every song is a story that is memorable. This girl is going places." - Viki Ackland - Lipstik Indie

"Top Pick - Meghan Morrison LIVE AT GRUMPY'S"

On February 1, go see Corrina Rose and Meghan Morrison live at Grumpy’s. - MTL Blog



  • Upcoming Release (Fall 2015) - Elementals EP
  • (2011) We Are All Born Naked
  • (2009) Dara's Wedding Tour Souvenir Album


  • (2014) Songs From The Heart Compilation Album by One Fire Movement in support of War Child Canada
  • (2011) Scribble Me Silly Compilation Album
  • (2010) Confidential Records Compilation Album

Appearances in Other Projects

  • (2012. Heather Hill) Leuty Station
  • (2012. Josef Balazic) Dezela Rajsko Mila
  • (2009. Purl of Surf) Batteryless But Filmfull



Meghan Morrison is a progressive singer-songwriter whose quirky, yet accessible, compositions are characterized by lilting vocals, eclectic instrumentation and swirling waves of groove.

Influenced by the Celtic melodies of her roots, post-rock experimentalism, and visual artists like Salvador Dali, her upcoming EP is a balanced melting pot of sound and songs that both warm the heart and rip it apart - as new fans recently witnessed when Morrison performed as the opening act for Moon Vs Sun (Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Maida) at The Mod Club in Toronto on May 27th.

Recorded in Toronto, New York City, Kitchener and Perth, Ontario, the EP is a short and sweet collection of three songs produced by Juno Award winning folk artist, James Keelaghan and featuring performances by musicians in a wide spectrum of genres -from a classical string quartet to full band production with electric guitar, tabla, and harp. Juno Award winning jazz bassist and composer, Chris Tarry performs on two of the three tracks. Additional contributors include Hugh McMillan (Spirit of the West, Sarah McLachlan, The Irish Rovers) and Donald Quan (Loreena McKennitt, Lighthouse, Enter the Haggis, The Tea Party).    

Aside from its cathartic effect, Morrison sees the potential for music to inspire change, inside and out, and her genre bending tendencies propel her to challenge the “fragile singer-songwriter” stereotype. As such, the collection of songs has a central theme of breaking down internal walls and digging deep within the self to find one's own strength.

“If nothing else, my experience in pursuing art and business (and all the struggles and sacrifice that go with it) have taught me that no matter how hard it gets or how many wonderful people I have in my life, I am the only one that can change that life … and everything is a choice. That realization was really empowering and I’m glad that my listeners picked these songs for us to record, because they all touch on that very theme”.

ECHO tackles the fear of an uncertain lover with soaring arrangements and the metaphor of a mountain, while OH, MY GOD is a heart thumping, earthy and upbeat tune illustrating the necessary struggle of digging one's self out of their own grave. The third and final tune, FREE YOUR FIRE, is a gentle nudge from one's inner self to let passion loose in the face of adversity.

“There is a ripple effect to continuous small action and I feel it is important for artists and businesses to honour the influence they have, be leaders, and foster positive social change in their local community … and beyond”.

This philosophy is exemplified through projects that she and her merchandise company (People Power Press) have been involved in over the last few years, including One Fire Movement’s Songs From the Heart compilation album in support of War Child Canada, Blake Morgan’s #IRespectMusic campaign, and auctioning off a house concert to raise funds for the Centre for Family Literacy in Edmonton. The People Power Award was launched by Meghan and her team in 2014 to recognize and highlight the work of outstanding grassroots campaigns.

Now based in Toronto, Meghan was born and raised in Head of St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia and her EP is set to be released in September of 2015.

We need more music like this - Emm Gryner

Very cool original tunes - The Alumni Theatre

Meghan Morrison is a delight - Life with More Cowbell

A True Troubadour - Lipstik Indie

Don't miss a chance to see her live! - Reaching for Lucidity

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