Meghann Clancy

Meghann Clancy


Meghann’s music combines catchy melodies and a pure, haunting vocal, with songs drawn from stories of life experiences. Her music draws influences mostly from folk, pop and indie-rock genres, drawing comparisons to the likes of artists such as Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell.


Meghann Clancy is an acoustic singer-songwriter from North Yorkshire and currently based in Newcastle upon Tyne, where she completed a degree in music in 2009.

Meghann has become well known on the Newcastle music scene (something of a “queen pin” to quote Ruth Barnes, aka ‘The Other Woman’ on BBC 6 Music) for playing with various local bands such as ‘Box Box Box’ and ‘James Dalzell and the Rear View Mirrors’, as well as her involvement with local music blog NMC (Newcastle Music Chronicles), and hosting the ‘Open Mic Night’ every Tuesday at the Trent House. During recent months, while continuing various other projects, Meghann has chosen to focus on her own music. In 2011 she collaborated with studio-based duo ‘Softwhere’, who produced the track and video for her song ‘So What Now’. Since its release the song has received airplay on Tom Robinson’s BBC Radio 6 show, as well as being selected as a featured track by Ruth Barnes. The video has also been entered in the 2012 Portobello Film Festival.

In 2011 Meghann was selected to participate in Extending Practice, a programme organised and funded by Chrysalis Arts/Creative North Yorkshire. During this time she received mentoring from professional musicians, and took up opportunities to perform at the Bellingham All Acoustic Club (in support of Yvonne Lyon, Kim Edgar and David Ferrard), and BAA Fest. Meghann has performed at several venues around Newcastle, including the Cluny, Head of Steam, Bar Loco, O2 Academy, the Cumberland Arms, Star and Shadow, and the Trent House, among others. She has also become a favourite at the Grassington Arts Festival in North Yorkshire, where she supported The Orchestra (formerly ELO) in 2010, followed by a solo festival slot in 2011.


Rainy Home Song

Written By: Meghann Clancy

The rain reminds me of home
It’s always raining there
Pelting softly to the ground
I like to sit and stare
Time to get on with life
I won’t feel so alone
At the back of my mind is home
The sound of it comforts me
Dreaming of that wild green land
Such strong familiarity
That when I wake I don’t know where I am
Soon I will return
I guess I’ve always known
That place will always be my home
Stormy weather builds up ahead
I don’t know whether it will hit
Or pass instead
The clouds clear overhead
Revealing such a shade of blue
And that’s exactly how I feel
When I’m far away from you
Being away from home
Can feel so out of touch
The funny thing about it is
I don’t miss the rain that much


Creative North Yorkshire Demo (2011):

So What Now (airplay on BBC6 Music)

Debut Album 'Take Flight' to be released in 2012.