Meghan Yates (The Reverie Machine)
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Meghan Yates (The Reverie Machine)

Portland, Maine, United States | SELF

Portland, Maine, United States | SELF
Band Folk Alternative


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"CD Review: Reverie Machine's individual parts add up to soulful, spiritual whole 'Not By Blood' is a CD worth digging into and exploring."


Once you've heard the name The Reverie Machine, you've had the most proper introduction to the band comprising Meghan Yates, Mordechai Rosenblatt and Elliot Heeschen, who all chime in with various components of the machine.

The first, most striking thing about their new CD, "Not By Blood," is Yates' jazzy voice, as it is revealed to the listener immediately in a capella form. It is the kind of voice that some will love and others might need a bit of warming up to. But most importantly, it is unmistakable. No matter what, it is clear in the beginning that she is perfectly comfortable in her role.

And she should be because even a casual read of her lyrics will reveal a river that runs incredibly deep in every word she puts out there.

The first set of tunes roll out against a mostly pitch-black sonic background, with Heeschen's cheery, shuffling drum work on top of the mix with Yates' vocals. Rosenblatt's bass pushes air around underneath them with the patience of a saint.

The guitar plays along hypnotically, adding color only sparsely while lines such as "you know the word got out about those boys, those brutal sons of somebody, someone's neighbor, someone's friends" roll out across an audible landscape.

Track six sees the first dramatic tonal shift in the album. A lonely horn by Mark Tipton drifts in against a plucking guitar part reminiscent of The Doves while the bassist and the drummer take a break. It's a tune that is nearly the antithesis to its very own premise: "I'm longing for that rock 'n' roll kind of love."

But just when you might begin to think you've heard it all from the Machine, "Lady of the Sea" pushes out an equally awesome, pulsing groove courtesy of the rhythm section. Some very interesting keyboards fall behind the vocals to powerful effect, and the album has officially established a new course that is once again brought full-circle in the final cut, "Ran Hard," a song that makes the front and back ends of "Not By Blood" congruent to each other.

Special contributions are made by Peter Himmer on vibraphone and percussion. Sara Hallie Richardson, Katie Pinard and Todd Hutchisen all pitch in on vocals.

But the especially notable piece is the production that Hutchisen and The Reverie Machine developed on this album.

"Not By Blood" is a CD worth digging into and exploring. Its treasures are simply revealed in voice, lyric and melody, but deeply revealed in soul and spirit through each individual's longing to connect in tune.

Kristin DiCara-McClellan is a freelance writer. - Portland Press Herald


One of These Days 2007
Descention EP 2009
Descention 2009
Not by Blood (The Reverie Machine ) 2012



The Reverie Machine is three piece (though more and more often now a four or five piece) band hailing from Portland, ME. Spearheaded by powerful vocalist, Meghan Yates, The Reverie Machine generates music that both lifts and penetrates the listener, invites participation and ignites movement. Starting with writing and singing a'capella, Meghan has played clubs throughout New England for the past 10 years. Now backed by a full band and on guitar, she continues to tour the Northeast and haunt her hometown of Portland.The Reverie Machine released their debut album - Not by Blood, in October 2012, and are preparing to record their second full length album and tour.

Here are some things said about Meghan's songwriting and style:

"(Meghan) has such an ease about her as a performer that one doesn't often experience. It's apparent how present she is and how unhesitatingly truthful. Such rare traits. Her writing, singing, voice, music is ready for more ears and hearts." - Jay Jasch

"It is difficult to overestimate the vastness of the range of human voices. It’s shocking, really, that the one belonging to Meghan Yates wasn’t invented until now (relatively speaking); the way it sings her funereally slow, jazz-inflected, and slightly doomed folk songs is a perfect fit." Portland Pheonix

"Her songs come from a true desire to bring her audiences closer to themselves, to get something to happen, to move people into an awareness of the moment and their experience." - Steven Williams (Musician)

"Meghan Yates is like nothing you or anyone anywhere has ever heard. She is a classic original voice in the sense that Billie or Sarah or Lena had classic, original voices. I never got to hear Billie or Sarah or Lena live, but I have listened to Meghan Yates. and therefore I have gotten goosebumps hearing them all roll gloriously back at me.. all at once.. from one voice. American music will be reminded through Meghan of its true history and purpose, and its about damn time. " Frank Hopkins ( Local Musician)