Meg Olsen

Meg Olsen

 Laurel Canyon, California, USA

Cinematic folk-rock, where moody guitars meet haunting organ sounds and dreamy vocal melodies seamlessly weave wistful tales of love: lost, found and unbridled. Meg’s sultry voice could be compared to Mazzy Star or Neko Case, but there’s a boldness and glamour to her sound that makes it her own.


Meg Olsen, American fashion writer and songstress, was born in Memphis, TN and raised in Las Vegas, NV so it comes as no surprise that music and the desire to perform run deep in her veins. That said, her first musical release had been a long time coming. After studying film in Seattle, WA and living in London, England for a spell, Meg settled finally in Los Angeles; working for a below-the-line film agency, developing a widely-followed style blog, Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter and secretly writing songs. By night, Meg was on the music scene and found many artists and musicians friends along the way. In 2010 she casually lent her voice to the duet “Saturday Night” by cult-favorite LA-band The Idyllists. Her recording debut caught the fans' attention and quickly parlayed itself into other musical opportunities including a stint in LA-based cabaret act, Dime Store Dollies with singer-songwriter Beth Jean and a spot as back-up singer for Canadian artist, Lucette on a European-tour supporting the Secret Sisters.  Spurred on by these developments, Meg was encouraged to take her  songs to producer Daniel Dempsey (Until June, Jamestown Revival) and production company Bad Transmission and in late 2012 they began recording her first EP entitled “Deal from the Bottom”.


After the very warm reception of the Deal from the Bottom EP, Meg set her sights on finishing a full-length album. In the summer of 2013 she launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to help fund the project. Reteaming with producer Daniel Dempsey in LATE-2013 they began work on Meg’s full-length debut, “CHARADE". The album will be released worldwide in SPRING of 2014.  \\ Meg’s sultry voice could be compared to Hope Sandoval or Neko Case, but there’s a boldness and glamour to her sound that makes it very much her own. Here is what others have to say:


"The jaunty melodies and sugar-sweet vocals gave us the kind of tingles that come from discovering something rather special" -FRANKIE Magazine


"Romantic and mysterious, yet somehow familiar...tambourines, twangy guitars and rotary-drenched organs dance underneath Olsen’s lilting, laid back poetry" - DELI LA


"Both haunting and stimulating ...a spaghetti western flavor, noir-ish folk and a touch of sixties pop all mixed together beautifully with Meg’s enchantingly sultry vocals layered over top" -POPA TUNES


Deal from the Bottom EP (released 2013)

Charade - LP (released 2014)