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Meg Welch

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Meg Welch is a young up and coming singer/songwriter/pianist based out of Los Angeles. Her well written lyrics and catchy melodies, paired with her angelic voice are sure to catch your attention.


A singer/songwriter/composer/pianist, Meg Welch was born in 1984 in Pasadena, California and was influenced by the music industry at a young age, as she recorded her first record at age 5. Soon after, Meg began piano lessons where her love for music and her drive to be a musician flourished. It was at this time that she also began singing in her school and church choir and started voice lessons. Soon, Meg was asked to lead the choir with her voice, as well as, on the piano.
Upon entering high school, Meg became known for her rendition of the national anthem. After being heard at numerous performances, she was invited to sing the national anthem on a nationally televised September 11th remembrance ceremony on the stairs of the California State Capitol. Also during this time, Meg participated in the National Piano Guild and won several awards for her piano performance.
Meg started college at Loyola Marymount University in 2003. While studying Communications, Meg was once again chosen to sing the national anthem for all the main events at the university. Meg graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts degree and is now concentrating on her career as a singer/songwriter/pianist. Meg is a BMI artist and has teamed up with the management firm, T.OZ Entertainment, who has managed artists such as of Jon B., Adina Howard, Ashley Poole (from the girl band, Dream), Ginuwine, Mark Morrison and producer, Michael Angelo. Meg’s influenced by the soulful sounds of Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, and Joss Stone, paired with the songwriting ability of John Mayer and Vanessa Carlton. Her professionally produced four song demo showcases both her songwriting and vocal/piano talents.


Need You

Written By: Meg Welch

Verse 1:
The streets are quiet for a Saturday night
And the coastline is barely in view
As the waves crash they break through the silence
And I hear you…in the back of my mind

Don’t wanna be alone tonight
Lost in these lonely hills of limelight.
Don’t listen to the words I say
I can’t watch you walk away…I need you

Verse 2:
Its ironic…I never wanted you to stay
But in this dry rain my soul thirsts
The stars are over-shadowed by the city of lights
But I see you…in my reflection


And in this moment of solitude
A stranger’s touch is no substitute
I pray that I make it back to you
Cause I can’t sleep…in these city lights

Outro Chorus:
Don’t wanna be alone tonight
Lost in these lonely hills of limelight
I need you…I need you…I need you

Simple Song

Written By: Meg Welch

There’s a simple song I wrote for you
It talks about the times when you’re away and I’m blue
In my heart I know that you’ll be true,
But I can’t help but wonder why this is what we have to do
Some days I feel, I wanna give up, when will this stop? I must admit I need a mental breakthrough
Until your voice captivates me

I’ll wait for you
I’ll be here true
‘Til suddenly you are back by me
A missing piece
I’m not complete
‘Til suddenly you are back by me

Verse 2:
How did we wander off to where we are?
I guess the distance in my heart matches the miles we’re apart
I always knew that this would be so hard
It makes me stop and wonder how our love even made it this far
Its your smile I miss, I long for your kiss, I can’t dismiss, sometimes I think that I won’t find my way through
Until your voice captivates me


I’m left with this simple song for you
I’ve been waiting patiently confused
This is my simple song for you



Written By: Meg Welch

Verse 1:
I’ve never been to be selfish
Always the one to take control
Burdened by your battle…Searching for a cure
From this desperate situation starring back at me in my reflection
As a portrait of perfection fades away

I don’t wanna be my own worse enemy
I don’t wanna follow down the tracks you laid me
Cause I’ve seen the damage done
Wanna be the one to design my destiny
Surrender my soul and give all of my energy
Finally be the one to break free

Verse 2:
Never asked for more than expected
When I needed your strength…you failed me
Your apologies accepted, but wounds are left unhealed
From this hopeless situation…searching for a meaning and direction
As a portrait of perfection fades away


There’s still words unspoken
From this battle you fought that will never be done
I’m breakin’ down these walls
Watchin’ as they fall



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Set List

"Need You"
"Simple Song"
"Time to Shine"
*Sometimes a cover or two
My sets are about 30 minutes.