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Royal Oak, Michigan, United States | SELF

Royal Oak, Michigan, United States | SELF
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"Megyn Hermez"

A little spit-fire of a girl was born on February 13th, 1990 in the suburbs of Detroit, MI; a girl with a passion for entertaining. Megyn is a talented musician with a rare gift to sing, write and dance; each as spectacular as the next. Although she is now a strong singer with an LP on the way, Megyn started dancing at 8 years old. She’d continue dancing through school theatre and choir, where she also revealed she was a beautifully talented singer. But still, dance took over. She told her family she’d be a famous dancer for the world to see one day; and she would not go back on her word… no matter what it took; showing determination, a quality that defines this young emerging superstar.

Megyn Hermez grew up in a Christian & Iraqi influenced home. Her outgoing and attention grabbing nature went against the mold in which she should’ve been brought up; but you can’t change what you’re born with, and Megyn was born a star. She also found that through writing peace poetry (which would later shape her music career).

At age 16, she’d had enough. Being pushed down her whole life by her disobliging elders, Megyn dropped out of school and went against the grain of society’s beliefs. She knew she’d have a future on stage, and she was right. After a few years the determined drop-out was dancing full time and working 2 jobs, which led her to the opportunity of dancing on tour with R&B artist Charlie Wilson. After 2 years of traveling abroad and performing on shows like Wendy Williams and George Lopez, Megyn had a different dream in mind.

Never being able to sit still, Megyn then switched her focus to a different kind of spotlight; her own. She set out in the spring of 2009 to LA to launch her career as a singer- songwriter. She was alone, driven, and ready for a new challenge. She found much success in LA, and enough inspiration to write a 12 song LP in two weeks. Happy she was back to singing and writing as well as dancing, Megyn now finds herself back in Detroit, MI to touch base with her roots and find a new inspiration.

Her video for her single “Anxiety” shows just the force that lies within her. She has a unique flare of burlesque, rock and roll, and pop in all of her limitless songs. She is outrageous, courageous, and spontaneous on stage and in her everyday life. One thing is for sure; Megyn Hermez is here to stay.

Written By: Jordan Sarah Weatherhead of Wet Ink Reviews - Wet Inc. Reviews

"On the Road to Stardom"

You may not know the name Megyn Hermez yet, but chances are you will soon. The Southfield-born, Novi native is on a trajectory toward stardom that defies the speed of light.

Hermez (nee Kashat), 21, a dancer, singer and actress, has already won dance competitions in Barcelona, Spain, and appeared on TV on the Wendy Williams Show, the Mo’Nique Show, Lopez Tonight and many more. In two weeks’ time, she wrote 12 songs, which will appear on her “Anxiety” album, slated for release this March.

“It was an experiment,” she says of the album, a mix of “funk rock, R&B and jazz. I had to try every genre before I found my style.” Interestingly, “I didn’t expect to do anything with music,” she recalls.

One of three children of Sue and Keith Kashat of St. Clair Shores— dad owns the Tire Outlet and Auto Pro on Nine Mile in Ferndale— Hermez is a bundle of energy. It feels like she’s going to jump out of the chair or explode any minute. She’s a woman on the move.

This movement was fueled at age eight when she began dance lessons at Sheryl’s School of Dance in Novi. She started with jazz and then took lessons in every style of dance. “I did it my whole life,” she says, and she’s still dancing—20 to 30 hours a week. She teaches at Sheryl’s, performs in night clubs and continues her dance training.

Mom Sue Kashat recalls the long hours her daughter spent at the dance school. “She lived in the dance studio. Sometimes, I would pick her up at midnight (from dance practice, competitions or performances).”

But Hermez, who took her mother’s maiden name professionally, wasn’t always into dancing. At Novi High School, she was in the choir and pursued solo and ensemble opportunities. “I loved it,” she exclaims. “I was heavy into choir.” And she liked acting too, performing in school musicals, at one point portraying Cruella DeVil in a musical adaptation of “101 Dalmatians.” A teacher took note of her talent and told her that one day she’d be an actress.

A bit of a Renaissance individual, she also tried her hand at poetry. Hermez recalls walking home from school rhyming words. “I always liked English. I was writing, writing, writing. I love to write. I feel like I was ahead of my years.”

But despite loving to sing in the school choir, acting in plays and writing, she just didn’t get school. She would miss two to three days a week, and teachers and classmates would get on her case about it. So she dropped out at the age of 16 to pursue her dreams.

Hermez calls herself, “a little outrageous. I dress outlandish. I have a big personality. I’m okay with that.” Friend Brittany Cigna, a student at Michigan State University and a friend since age ten, calls her oneof- a-kind. “You’ll never meet anyone like Megyn,” Cigna says. “She’s a really goofy person. She loves to be original and I love it too. She never fails to surprise you.” Cigna saw her friend’s talent early on. “She always wanted to be on stage, the center of attention. She loved to perform.”

Kashat says her daughter was always headstrong, “a real go-getter. She’ll stop at nothing. She is really strong about her career.” Aunt Sandra Hermez sees both sides of her niece’s personality. “She’s good-hearted, positive, and has no problem speaking her mind. She’s beautiful inside and out, and close to her family—a good person.”

Coming from a Chaldean tradition, which promotes modesty for girls and women, Hermez’s family was nevertheless supportive of her career choices. “We’re basically her sponsors,” explains Kashat. “We’re responsible for anything she has to do for her music.”

After dropping out of high school and beginning her career, the singer/dancer took some jobs at a local mall, selling body jewelry and working for Rosetta Stone—the language education company. “I wanted to work,” Hermez says. “I wanted to help pay for dance and to give my parents a break.” Soon her career took off like a rocket. She was a dancer with the band of former Gap Band lead singer Charlie Wilson and appeared on cruises and around the world.

And the national TV gigs “just felt right. I felt at home.” Hermez says she wasn’t star-struck, and is grateful for the opportunity. “It confirmed that this is what I’d be doing the rest of my life.”

She made a temporary move to Los Angeles, but her connections were in Michigan and she came back home to finish her album. Will she remain in the Detroit area? Hermez keeps her options open. “When the right opportunity comes across, I will leave here.”

February and March will bring a lot of gigs, including hosting a Valentine’s Day party in Dearborn and dancing at the MGM casino. “I don’t turn down any opportunity,” she says.

Kashat’s hope is that her daughter is happy. “Whatever the outcome is (with her career), we’re very proud of her.” And according to her aunt, she knows Hermez will succeed. “I have no doubt she’ll get where she wants to be.” Hermez calls herself religious, and has a strong belief that she will be successful. “I don’t leave room for a backup plan. Failure is not an option. If you put all your time into it, God can’t refuse you.”

< Heidi Press is a Detroit-area writer and editor - Ferndale Friends


Debut singles, "Anxiety" & "Live In This Dream" can be found on iTunes, Amazon & Cdbaby. Other music can be streamed on, as well as every Monday for New Music Mondays.



In the fall of 2011, Megyn Hermez found herself packing her bags in the Hollywood Hills to make her way back to a place she once called home; Detroit, Michigan. This little spit fire of a girl moved out two years prior while she was touring as a back up dancer for R&B legend, Charlie Wilson. Her journey on the road led to incredible opportunities that drew her closer to music than she'd ever craved. Megyn was featured on TV shows such as; The Wendy Williams Show, The Mo' Nique Show and The Lopez Tonight Show. Performances included The 2010 Pre Grammy Telecast, The Steve Harvy Hoodie Awards, Tom Joyner's Fantstic Voyage, The Essence Music Festival, The Macy's Music festival, and many more.
A dancer first, Megyn heard a true calling for music while traveling with brilliant musicians who reminded her of her hidden love for harmony. The 22 year old show stopper left the tour in 2011 to find her own spotlight, and that's exactly what she's doing.
Megyn Hermez is a Middle Eastern female that refers to herself as an entrepreneur of the arts. A singer, songwriter, dancer and costume designer, this girl is a jack of all trades with the heart of a Gypsy. She's currently dancing for the NBA Detroit Pistons, while preparing for her up & coming television show that will be aired on MEA TV.
Megyn Hermez recently completed her debut LP titled, "Music Is Music". Her two single's "Anxiety" & "Live In This Dream" are both available on iTunes, CdBaby & Amazon. It doesn't stop here... The best is yet to come!