MEHR is a unique trio of Indian Classical artists who perform traditional music and dance of India. The trio is a soulful brew of the romantic sound of sitar, the heartbeats of tabla and the charm and grace of Odissi dance.


MEHR means love. Each member of MEHR is truly devoted to the love of Indian classical arts. Anwar Khurshid is the director of the Sitar School of Toronto. He is actively involved in performing, teaching and developing audiences for Indian Classical Music. Ravi Naimpally is the founder of Tasa, a world music ensemble. Ravi is a seasoned musician who has performed all over the world. Geneviève Beaulieu created The Apsaras, a dance group dedicated to the promotion of Indian classical dance in Canada. They come together as MEHR to offer you a unique performance inspired by the traditions of India.


Anwar Khurshid Sitar Ravi Naimpali Tabla

Raag Des Alap, Vilabit Gat in Teen Taal, Durut Gat in Teen Taal , Jhala
Raag Shyam Kalyan, Alap, Gat in Ek Taal
Rag Pilu in Keherwa

Set List

30 min Sitar Solo with tabla accompaniment with three gradually building up movements and very fast finale. The music expresses the nine emotions or rasas.

15 min Tabla solo based on recitation of a unique tabla language.

A 45 min dance performance showing the interaction of how rhythm and melody are expressed in dance.