A rock band from Boston that hits on all cylinders- deeply personal lyrics alongside a blend of rock that ranges from the most progressive to the palpably poppy. In sum: a truly original rock band that pleases music fans from all walks of life.


Hailing from Boston, Meiatic brings a set of influences to the table as diverse as the people of their hometown. Four young men from the city with some true musical background, and of course some serious ability.
Guitarist James Maguire, Bassist Dennis Harris, and Drummer Ted Kelliher create a stylish blend of rock, mixing a taste for sonic satisfaction with equal concern for the technicalities, while Vocalist Ryan Kearney adds the final dimension with his powerfully poignant and emotion laden lyrics. Since their start in 1999, the boys have continued to grow individually as musicians, but more importantly together as a band. Meiatic is currently considered one of the best up and coming bands in the Boston scene, having played shows at premier venues in and around Boston and the Northeast. As the snowball towards success continues to grow and the originality of their compositions continues to turn heads, Meiatic is ever appreciative of their supporters and remains true to the number one priority: connecting with others through the medium of music.



Written By: Ryan Kearney

Our playground is his backyard.
His discovery we made ours. Made a couple dollars off of his knowledge.
What happened to our promise to him?
Another's meal we drank away. Struggling on, as we play.
Survival is a dream we can't obey.
He's leading the simple life.
But he's insane.

The skies open up. Shield the rain. Shield the rain.
Where comfort begins. Plagued by pain. Plagued by pain.
He's all alone.
He calls it home.
He's all alone.
I wouldn't have known.

Awake to pretend.
Awake without a friend.
And he can see the light at the end.
I feel so unclean. I feel inhumane.
He's leading the simple life. But he's in pain.


Written By: Ryan Kearney

The situation has gotten the best of our lives. our turn is over, yeah, we've paid the price. But my love is still alive.
It's been a long time coming here. But now its been unveiled- this relationship it gives us nothing. Is this really how you feel?

All that I do, and all that I say, all that I knew has been carried away. So much is spent, but I still must pay. My life is gone now, but I still remain in my darkness all alone.

Have you ever noticed how gentle the rain is, only to realize how violent it can be? The same goes for a woman's love, the same goes for me.

And I waited for your call. And I knew it was coming all along. I could hear it in your voice. You've had enough of this.

Own Me

Written By: Ryan Kearney

Who are you to control life? Free your dog and free your wife. I don't want to see you in here again.
Where you stand I've stood before. Be polite, don't knock on the door. You can't do anything once you're dead.

But you don't know me anymore. What am I running for? Freedom from the powers that be. But you don't own me. Own me.

Dial it up and let it ring. The call is here and I hate this thing. Don't let me get hung up on you.
Conserve you right now to decide. I will seek if you go hide. The classic sound to me it is so new.

Strangled. Tightening grip on the leash. Life goes easier once released. Is it our nature to take what we don't need? And your eyes shine brighter if you let them breathe.


4 song demo- currently available free of charge at shows and online at

Set List

Typical setlist includes Meiatic originals along with occasional covers, anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours in length depending on venue specifications.

Recent Setlist:
Bottled Up
Mount MAcy
Own Me
Slip Away
Grimace (Dantz Song)
Night Cries
With Me
Waiting Day

Recent Covers:
Corduroy- Pearl Jam
No One Knows- QOTSA
Good Times Bad Times- Led Zeppelin