Mekhaya is a fusion of metal/heavy music with a wide variety of musical genres ranging from jazz, flamenco and classical to drum & bass, experimental noise and prog.


Mekhaya has been ever evolving since it's inception in 2006. The band's mission has always been to challenge itself and create music that is a display of proficient musicianship but more importantly that communicates a profound exploration of the self and the world we live in.

Mekhaya draws it's inspiration from many places in music, the result of which is both chaotic and harmonious. A far cry from 2 step rock, Mekhaya flows on the more experimental side of the heavy music spectrum, maintaining as much variety in their sound as possible in order to convey an equally broad array of themes and emotions.


Mekhaya currently has one release, their debut EP "At the Crossroads of Chaos and Solace", self release in December 2009.

It was recorded mixed and mastered by Frank Beecher at Chaotic sound Studios and Giant mastering in Ottawa Ontario.

Tracks from the EP are available for streaming and purchase at