Melany Moloney

Melany Moloney


Soy solista, artista Colombo Australiana, cantante y compositora, mi musica es una mescla resultado de mis influencias: latinas, europeas y americanas, este disco ROMPECABEZAS es el trabajo de 5 largos años, espero a hacer el lazamiento en 2007 see


At 22 years, Melany Moloney, a Colombian-Australian artist, could be compared with any regular girl of her age. She is Joyful, energetic and driven. But there are a few qualities that set her apart – she is also competitive, talented, and very disciplined.

And it is precisely this discipline inherited from her father that has already produced results, the first of which is ROMPECABEZAS, her debut album that will be launched in 2007.

As all stories begin, this one starts with a dream, a dream that started in her own town of Popayan, There she got in to the artistic vein of her mother, who has studied the arts and was very well known in the city for her magnificence art work together with the knowledge of her father, originally from Australia whom arrived in Colombia to pursue his career as a the civil engineer. “I consider myself a fusion of cultures” says Melany “My mother is from Cali, but she lived part of her life in Europe and my father is Australian and has been around the world, this helped me experience different cultures”

This cultural background became Melany’s foundation that helped mold her talents. Her father taught her the value of time and for this reason she kept busy from an early age developing her skills. From a young age Melany devoted time to dancing, ballet, vocal training and at the same time increasing her love for arts: so much that, she convinced her parents to enter her into the children chorus of the Cauca University where she remained for many years.

As destiny had it, Melany had to leave her city to study in a distant boarding school near Villavicencio. During her stay she learned to become independent, to deal with the uncertainties of living far from the comforts of home and to start a new adventure with what would turn out to be her most faithful friend: the guitar. During this time, she found a new love in music, involved her self with a series of elements that would expand her musical horizon. She wrote songs and joined the chorus of the school were she became one of the main voices. After boarding school Melany returned home and moved to Cali where she graduated and came to a decision to concentrate her efforts and focus on becoming a full fledged singer and artist.

Over time she gradually molded herself as an artist writing both lyrics and tunes to the point of accumulating more than 80 songs. Most of the songs were focused on topics such as relationships, love, hope and aspirations. Determined to pursue an artist’s career she committed her time to rehearsals and performances.

ROMPECABEZAS is the name of the CD that has 13 songs filled with rhythms as varied as rock and soft as ballads together with melodies and instruments native to Colombia; this makes this CD a Multicultural experience. “I named the CD ROMPECABEZAS, because in Spanish the name constitutes the two words ROMPIENDO CABEZAS (translation - breaking heads) and I feel that this is the statement I am making with this multicultural CD”.

Her first single release in the CD is the song AUXILIO that should very soon start playing in select radio stations creating the path for the release of other songs within the CD. “AUXILIO was inspired by the song of the BEATLES “HELP” one of the bands that had a key influence on my music.

Even before launching ROMPECABEZAS, Melany’s songs have received recognition. Her song El Remedio was awarded first place in the Latin song category of the prestigious US West Coast California song contest. She also won “best Latin Song” for her song ROMPECABEZAS in the festival of the CANARY ISLANDS. Recently her song ROMPECABEZAS also won 1st place in the Latin category of the prestigious John Lennon International Song Contest Award.

For additional information see Melany’s website

A sus 21 años, MELANY MOLONEY podría compararse con una niña común y corriente de su edad. Es alegre, descomplicada, enérgica y con muchos deseos de salir adelante. Pero a MELANY se le pueden sumar otras características que la hacen diferente. Es perseverante, competitiva, talentosa y muy disciplinada.

Y fue precisamente esa disciplina, que heredo de su padre, el comienzo de una historia que ya esta dando sus frutos, el primero de ellos ROMPECABEZAS, su álbum debut que es lanzado en nuestro país.

Todo comenzó como inician las grandes historias, con un sueño, un sueño que se gesto en su natal Popayán. Allí se dejo empapar de la vena artística de su madre, quien había estudiado artes plásticas y era bastante reconocida en la ciudad por la magnificencia de sus obras; y los conocimientos de su padre, originario de Australia y que llego a Colombia con el compromiso de ejercer su carrera, la Ingeniería Civil. “Soy una fusión de razas” Afirma MELANY “Mi mama es de Cali, pero vivió parte de su vida en Europa y mi papa es australiano y ha viajado mucho por todo el mundo, esto me dio pie para aprender costumbres de todas partes”.

Este bagaje cultural, fue



Written By: Melany Moloney


Estoy perdiendo la noción del tiempo
Estoy volando y no sé en que dirección,
auxilio me estoy enloqueciendo
y no puedo detener lo que siento.

Estoy naufraga en tu isla desierta,
encerrada sin llave y sin puerta
esto es una emergencia
llamen a una ambulancia
estoy perdiendo la conciencia.

Auxilio, que alguien me ayude
Ya tengo su veneno,
sus manos tienen fuego,
auxilio me ahogo en su mirada
me tiene acorralada y no puedo hacer nada.

Estoy perdiendo mi fuerza de voluntad,
como zombi lo persigo
y no sé a donde va...
un terremoto, una tormenta,
un volcán así es como me siento.


Soon to luanch: ROMPECABEZAS


Set List

1 amp for my semi acoustic guitar
2 additonal amps for 2 guitar players
1 drum set
1 wireless mic-headset (I dance)
1 regular mic
Amps and monitors
HD display for videos