I am a 16 year old male R&B singer and songwriter. I have been singing from day one, and I have recorded in my home studio for many years now. I am not signed to a record label, but my dream is to get my music out into the industry.


Music is my life, and every song I write is special to me. My influences are John Legend, Marvin Gaye, Stevie WOmder, Macy Gray, Ne-yo, Chris Brown, Musiq Soulchild, Jaheim, MAry J. Blige, John Mayer, the Temptations, and many more.


My Priority

Written By: Melaku Assegued

My Priority
By: Melaku Assegued

Verse I
Anytime that I see a fine chick that I like
I walk up and ask her what her name is
Tell me what the shame is
Of meeting someone new
Someone who could be my boo’
I’ve tried to be a solitary man
But a piece is always missing from the puzzle
Shorty I ain’t ruffled
I just want you to know
That we can make this real fo sho.

Verse II
Lately I’ve been thinking ‘bout getting hooked
Meet a nice girl before the supply dries up
So wusup
Can I check if you’re the one
I promise you we gonna have fun
Forget about yo man if you got one
I’ll put my homies in the back so you got shotgun (yea)
I’ll make it my priority
To make you fall in love with me (oh)

I ain’t like those other dudes
You been dating girl
I’m just me (I’m just me)
I ain’t trying to be rude
But them fools you were dating
Ain’t no me (Ain’t no me)
I’m a nice guy but I’ll protect you (yea)
I’m a playa but I’ll still respect you (I’ll respect you)
I’ll make it my priority
To make you fall in love with me

Verse III
There comes a time when a man needs to settle down
Make no mistake girl I choose you
Can I prove to you
That what I’m ‘bout to do
Could make you dreams come true (Girl)
Lemme take the weight off
I’m gonna give you all this love
And make the world stop so
When I walk up and shake you hand
You gotta let me be your man

Rap Verse
Yea, C’mon,Yea
I ain’t never holding back
You know I walk straight to ya
Call me 45 cuz baby I’m a straight shooter (yea)
I know some places we could go
People we could see
Or we could be alone just you and me (yea)
You know I hold you in the highest regard
I do the things that you like even when were apart
‘Cause times runnin’ out and good girls is hard to find
So baby girl you gots to be mine

Chorus 2x and fade


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