Melanie Denard Band

Melanie Denard Band


We are a Nashville-based band fronted by our nationally-acclaimed, award-winning vocalist, Miss MELANIE DENARD, We entertain audiences of all types and sizes around the country with our soul-drencehed stylings of "edgy" country, slammin' rockabilly,sultry pop, and steamy delta blues.


The Melanie Denard Band consists of Melanie Denard and a select group of musicians of extraordinary talent, all of whom are devoted to their mantra: "It's all about the music and the fans. Excellence is the standard in everything we do."

The band members are: celebrated Music Row Discovery Award-winning entertainer MELANIE DENARD on lead vocals; noted Nashville cutie-pie guitarist KELLY SULLIVAN on lead guitar & b/g vocals; "wild-man" CHRISTIAN DAVIDSON on Drums & b/g vocals, handsome TOM RIGSBEE on electric and/or acoustic guitar and b/g vocals; and sweet MISTY CARRICK on bass guitar & b/g vocals. Together they create the unforgettable trademark sound and "take no prisoners" syle of the Melanie Denard Band that is enjoyed by fans at venues of all types and sizes around the country.


MELANIE DENARD is the essence of the strong,independent woman who survives life's unpredictable seasons of love, heartache, divorce, and "starting over" and emerges stronger and wiser. Melanie says, "My heart can be broken but not my spirit. Life has taught me that I have to stand up for myself, especially in matters of the heart, and that's a hard lesson for a woman in love to learn. Sometimes a woman just has to reach down into her inner self and find some attitude and sass in order to survive with her heart intact and still be able to celebrate life. That's what my songs are about"

Melanie makes her home in Nashville since 2007. She is originally from the Kennesaw Mountain area of NW Georgia.


Melanie received a coveted Music Row Discovery Award from esteemed music critic Mr. Robert K. Oermann of Music Row magazine (09/04/09). Mr. Oermann has this to say about Melanie and her music:"..this sassy belter has been noted for her dynamic delivery several times in this column...", and "..she has a very pleasing huskiness in her voice, full of barely suppressed fire..I'll bet she can really take charge of a stage..promising, indeed..."

Melanie recently won 2 Independent Music Awards in January 2011, for "Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year from New Music Weekly and Favorite Country Sing'e of the Year from the Independent Music Network, for her hit country radio single "All I Ever Did Was Love You" (# 69 MR, # 3 NMW, # 1 for multiple weeks on IMN and IndieWorld Country charts.)'s Senior Reviewer Matt Bjorke has this to say about Melanies debut 13-song album
MELANIE DENARD:DARE TO LIVE. "(Denard's) album can compete with the output of the major's as good as any mainstream country album your gonna' hear out of Nashville these days, if not better... it should appeal to fans of Underwood, Wilson, Clark, Messina,...and to people who just love good music." (07/14/10)

T. Graham Brown says, "Girl, you ROCK!!!" Bruce Burch agrees,exclaiming "Country soul in every note!"

Melanie confides, "I chose DARE TO LIVE as the title track to my debut album because the lyrics tell my story about what I am doing in Nashville: "..i'm gonna' dare to live/i'm gonna' live to learn/i'm gonna' learn to dream and i gotta' dream big/i'm gonna take a risk and risk it all/ til' my all is all i have to give, i'm gonna' dare to live/,,," That's exactly what I'm doing."


Melanie's 13-song debut album is receiving enthusiastic praise from top music reviewers such as Matt Bjorke of, David Pierce of Today's Country, and others around the globe. Mr. Bjorke hailed MELANIE DENARD: DARE TO LIVE as being equal to or better than major label albums. The album can be purchased or downloaded at Amazon. com, CDbaby .com, and iTunes,com, A disk containing mp3's of all 13 songs can also be purchased at
Ten of the 13 songs can be streamed at denard. All 13 songs can be streamed at, and on Melanie's fan page at


Two singles fom the album have been released to country radio to date, and both have recieved copius air play around the globe. They have been played more than 30,000 spins each to date.

The first single, "Tumblin' Down" rode 4 major country airplay charts during the summer and fall of 2009 and early 2010. It peaked at #82 on MR, # 4 on NMW, and # 1 for multiple weeks on IndieWorldCounry.

The second single, "Alll I Ever Did Was Love You" rode 5 major country charts during the summer and fall of 2010. It peaked at # 69 on MR, # 3 on New Music Weely, and # 1 for multiple weeks on Independent Music Network and IndieWorldCountry.

Melanie won 2 Independent Music Awards in January 2011 in recognition of her radio success and dynamic live performances in calender year 2010.The awards are: a) Country Breakthrough Artisf of the Year from New Music Weekly, and b) Favorite Country Single of the Year from Independent Musiic Network.

Set List

Bobby McGee

Son Of A Preacher Man

Come To My Window

Dixieland Delight

Fine Line

Lady Marmalade

Honky Tonk Woman

What I Got


Hotel California

Fire Down Below

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Gunpowder & Lead

Give It Up Or Let Me Go

Love Shack

Proud Mary

Life In The Fast Lane

White Liar

Hard To Handle

She Talks To Angels

Before He Cheats