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"Melanie Lowe to perform With KZNPO"

8 Thaxted, 31 Hildray Crescent, Kloof, 3610 kzn south Africa Phone + 27 (310 7670704 mobile + 27 (0) 827479738 e mail Vat 9668115158


30 July 2008
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Melanie Lowe to perform with KZNPO at Crawford College, La Lucia

Durban singer, Melanie Lowe may have left our shores recently to relocate to Jhb to further her career, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be back to perform here as much as possible- as she will for the Sunset Proms (with the KZNPO) which takes place at La Lucia’s Crawford College this Sunday (3rd August) at 2.30 pm.

Melanie became a household name 5 years ago, when she was watched by millions of South African’s as she made her way to the 3rd slot of the South African version of Pop Idols.

But in fact, Melanie’s career started many years earlier when she began to write songs at the age of 14, and playing on an old broken guitar which had been bought for her for R 5.00 when she was even younger!

Cutting back to the present, and with two original albums to her credit, (her first album “Yesterday’s Diary’ has sold over 125000 copies to date) Melanie has recently moved to Johannesburg to further her career.
“I love Durban. My family and friends are here- but realistically, if I want to realise my dream I have had to make the heart wrenching decision to go to the heart of the music industry- Johannesburg! But there are ‘planes and (even) trains and I will come back as many times as I can to perform for my very valuable Durban fans,” says Melanie.

Along with her decision to move, came her decision to self –manage-- an aspect that is very important to her and enables her to have a “hands on “ role indecision making and carving her own future.

“My previous manager Alan was great. It was hard to close that door. But it had to be done for my own personal and professional growth and we both understand that, “ she adds. “Now I manage my own bookings entirely or with other booking agents per project so I’m a free agent to work with all at my own discretion. I do work with a publicist and things are moving along very well”.
So well in fact, that HP Experience has recently developed a relationship with her as sponsors, whilst Melanie endorses their product. A win- win situation. HP Experience is an experiential store, which opened its first store in Sandton City recently. It promotes an in store style of browsing and lifestyle where consumers can come in and check their e mail, print photos or browse the internet free of charge. They also stock limited special editions product ranges.

“HP Experience, will run a full HP Campaign in August (Women’s Month) with Melanie Lowe.
This campaign will harness and associate with up and coming South African Women icons and celebrities and this initial association with mellow music (Melanie’s new company) and Melanie as the artist will create a significant platform for both brands”, says Publicist Tanya van Agthoven

But back to Durban and the show on Sunday! Come along and watch Melanie perform with a strong line up of other artists and the KZNPO.Bookings through Computicket or purchase at the gate Tickets:  Adults are R70 / Pensioners & Students are R40 / Children under 5years are Free. Parking:  Free secure parking at the school


Submitted by Tanya van Agthoven /Greenbox Productions
Publicity for: Melanie Lowe
Mobile + 27 (0) 827479738
E fax + 27 |(0) 866093917
E-mail or tanya@greenbox


- Green Box Productions

"Melanie reaches international shores!!"

Interview with Out South African Singer-Songwriter Melanie Lowe
Sarah Warn
, Editor in Chief
August 5, 2009

In a recent article about out South Africa's first prominent lesbian TV character, we also mentioned singer-songwriter Melanie Lowe as one of the very few high-profile openly gay or bisexual women in South Africa. Lowe came to fame in 2002, after appearing on the American Idol-type show Idol, and publicly came out as a lesbian this past June.

In her first interview with, Lowe talks about her musical inspiration, her label, Mellow Music, the importance of coming out, and her impending wedding to fiancée, Angela Brest.

Melanie Lowe How would you describe your music?
Melanie Lowe: I have so many influences and they add bits and pieces to my songs in their own way. Guitar is my main instrument when I'm writing, so that means they are quite acoustically driven and, if you strip them down to the bare minimum, they have quite a folky/acoustic feel to them. The production and arrangement definitely puts them into more of an adult contemporary category, but I don't think it's as cut and dried as that.

I don't subscribe to any requirements in terms of making a commercial hit and, to that end, my songs are lyrically and melodically driven and are definitely not your typical commercial type. I write what's in my heart, pure and simple. However that translates, is what it is.

It's very hard to be objective about your own songs. They are all far too close to me and I didn't even know they would be of interest to anyone until a lot of people had spent a lot of time convincing me otherwise! I still find it hard to believe. I think if there were a category called "Melanie Lowe," it'd be easier to put them somewhere but, like their creator, they don't fit into a box of any kind.

While I've had many people try and convince me that I will never get anywhere unless I find a target market, I tend to disagree. I don't want to shut anyone off. I want everyone to hear my stories and take from them what they want to take. If they choose to take nothing then that's fine by me. I want to reach the people that want to be reached.

AE: You list Tori Amos, Tegan and Sara, Tracy Chapman and Sarah Bettens among the musicians you admire. What’s the common theme that attracts you to their music?
ML: I think I just relate to them a lot better firstly because they're female and their style of writing strikes a chord with me.

Secondly, they are all completely unique and have built a following by just being themselves and holding on to their musical integrity. Tori Amos is my biggest inspiration and the reason for that is that it hasn't always been easy for her. She, like me, has played the smoky cigar bars, done the low paying or free gigs and the endless footwork required to just get your songs heard. She has paid her dues in many ways and she's done it all by being herself, even though her style is completely alternate to the mainstream. I admire that so much. It inspires me to pick up and carry on when another door gets slammed in my face because, even having a name in the music industry, does not guarantee open doors.

I am part of a minority group of artists who won't give in and do the song that everyone wants to hear, the one that's a guaranteed money-spinner. I have frustrated more than a few record labels, I know, because in South Africa, that means that you are a very small corner of the market! It's the toughest route I guess but for me, it's simply the only route.

When I start to feel like it's not worth it anymore, I think of how Tori struggled and, while I wouldn't be so bold as to place myself in her league, I know I have an equal amount of passion, and my stories are just as important to me as hers are, to her. I know it's possible, because she did it.

AE: In your experience, what are the best and most challenging aspects of being part of South Africa’s music scene?
ML: Every part of it! I think every country has it challenges but perhaps South Africa is a bigger challenge than most because we are still relatively new at all this.

The market is far smaller and finding the people with the right kind of experience and no-how, is tricky. For that reason South African musicians are very accustomed to doing it all themselves. The problem is that it's an incredible amount of blood, sweat and tears, for very little reward. Luckily we all love what we do! Those that aren't in it for the love of it, soon fall by the wayside because sometimes that passion is all that keeps you going.

I don't want to make you think that it's all bad though, I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't love it and every career has its pros and cons. The difference with music is that it's more of a calling than a career. It is, quite simply, my life. I am Melanie Lowe, the artist, no matter what I am doing or where I am. Music is inherently part of who I am. It's runs -


Unspoken Truth

1 Sweetest of rhymes
2 World inside my mind
3 Conscience
4 Come back home
5 Under your pillow
6 Home away
7 Faster than I'm running
8 Haunt
9 Gypsy girl
10 If you wanna run
11 Leave me here
12 Colour me blue

Yesterday's Diary

1 Blue
2 I'll be gone
3 Strange Emotion
4 Science Fiction Junkie
5 If I could
6 Sad Song
7 Out of your mind
8 Flying Blind
9 I'd like to
10 One I should adore
11 Your Nature


1 As
2 Stay with me
3 Love can build a bridge
duet with Chere ©
4 Someday
5 As (Dance Remix)



Melanie Lowe, Jhb based singer/songwriter, performs constantly around SA, at concerts, corporate functions, music festivals, fundraisers, schools,theatres, various live music venues and charity events to name a few. She was an opening act for the Durban Westlife concert and supported Belgian artist, Sarah Bettens (ex K's choice) on a countrywide tour, along with Stealing Love Jones.She was also the support act for the sell-out Katie Melua's South African tour in September 2008. Melanie's show is very versatile. Her love for singing jazz and blues means she will happily include jazz in any show she does. She performs with one musician, or, with a few musicians doing an unplugged set of her original songs. She also offers shows with an extremely talented, full band of musicians. (Melanie plus drums, bass, keyboard, saxophone and guitar) Melanie has bands in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.

Drawing directly from her own life experiences, Melanie's songs are soul-barring, emotionally driven and often heart-rending songs that draw you in, to such an extent, that you begin to experience the emotion with which she sings them, yourself. Melanie's debut album Yesterday's Diary has sold over 13 000 units, and she has two new CDs out, a 12 track English album called Unspoken Truth and a 5 track Afrikaans single called As. As was a hit on all major radio stations including RSG, Ofm and Overvaal stereo, to name a few. All tracks on all Melanie's CD's have been written and composed by Melanie. Four music videos have been filmed for TV. Melanie's songs are played on major radio stations throughout SA with her latest single, Sweetest of Rhymes, reaching number one around the country in the last 2 months. Sweetest of Rhymes was chosen as the official song for SABC2's women's month feature.

With one South African Music Award already under her belt, Melanie was nominated again for a SAMA in 2008 in the "Best English adult contemporary album" category alongside artists such as Louise Carver, Karen Zoid, Freshly Ground and Flat Stanley. The production and design of her latest two releases were done with international standards in mind and that is exactly where Melanie plans to take her music. Melanie's success can be attributed solely to a passion and a love for music that has driven her since she uttered her first note. It is for this reason that she decided to relocate to Jhb. A born and bred Durban girl, Melanie loves her home town, but she also understands the sacrifices one has to make when pursuing a music career and so, as of 1st of July 2008, Melanie relocated herself to Jhb and started her own company called Mellow Music. Mellow Music's primary aim was as a means of managing her own career but Melanie has another purpose in mind for Mellow Music. Over the years Melanie has become very aware of how difficult the music industry is and how hard it is to make it alone, especially if you don't know where to start. It is for this reason that Melanie has decided to use the knowledge that she has gained over the years to help young, up and coming artists to kickstart their careers. Mellow Music is set to become a powerful force in the music industry creating a platform for talented South African artists to grow in music. Melanie plans to keep following the path that she was destined to, to always keep the passion alive and to keep living the music.