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Lost My Boy to a Girl Named Meth

Written By: Melanie Walker

He calls me from his cell phone,
he says Dad I’m doing OK.
Sure miss everyone back home,
but I’m learnin’ a lot these days.

No, the food sure ain’t like Melanie’s,
but I clean my plate anyway.
Dad, when can you come see me?
Wish you were here today.

CHORUS: I lost my boy to a girl named Meth
It hurts so bad I could cry to death
I wake in the middle of each night
Oh, wondering if he’s doing alright.

Wish I had listened to you more
in my younger days,
but I had to make one last score
and that’s why I’m here today.

You knew from the word “go”
That I’d wind up in here
Please don’t say you told me so
I just don’t want to hear.


I’ve made a lot of changes
Don’t want anymore of that Meth
Gave my life to Jesus
Gonna find me a girl named Beth

But the phone in his cell
Cuts us short once again
The computer voice comes on to tell
You have one last minute with him.