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Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo Hip Hop Jazz


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Discography a beautiful day in the neighborhood will you be myWill you be myYah yah yahNo we couldn't Roger that
Are ancestor had to work hard in feild 
We be in the feild with weapons conceal listening to that drillHard to trust ain't nobody real .
Spent All day saling weed and pills
We all depend on ,wall like Bradley bill.
Lips can be transcript the way stay seal.
Girl choosing ,, between the fake in realI was forced to get pick.i guess I can cotton field.
Getting death certificate before diploma this shit getting real.So why we gotta kill   Don't no body care how a nigga feild.
Why can't get that sit down in talk to Dr Phil.
Then cry in get a hug by uncle phil. 
My liberty gone we're is David Copperfield.
Welcome to Chicago Southsideii.Never had the chance to look in mom or pop eyeee.i only want one  dream job before I dyeiii.even tho I don't like working 9 to 5ii,,working at I can stand in vip section in heaven in get the wing in watch me fly fly fly.i bet look like one of those red tail nigga in the sky sky.

Just forget it we can't get a loan like bad credit.i don't sweat don't sweat it.
 Just forget it we can't get a loan like bad credit.i don't sweat don't sweat it.
It a beautiful day in the neighborhood will you be myWill you be myYah yah yah
No we couldn't Roger that We just want are mother and father back .we don't know how to act.

I was adopted wondering why parent had to leave me.My grandma called sugar because my died a BD.
Living in Chicago  .every day ain't always sunny.
Drink lean turning there family tree into palm tree.cop target us because of are ids.So we Be loud .We get spitt5 like swisher sweet Organ sold and gone week. Same shit on reply.i started being a  scantran you depend on me.

Listening to this trap got me trap.thinking about everyday Imma get shot will my own , people  react.they  saying God ain't black.he looking at nigga like nutrition say got damn thee black .who TF 

Keep the  gun by are dy That the only time we came close to that dude that famous for reaping peace.Monkey coon is all you see .looking at white Jesus as the pastor preach.what if my halo is a flash light because heaven darker then me.would I be treated differently.watching porn is the time he came across his history even that was quick.a fan tryed to taze ya.i guess she bitter sweet.then start cripping in 50 cent  face.i just showing curtacy .iam my own boss the company i own is miserable.
I did it for fame tho walking around with halo.what if drop to my watch be hang slow.i Hang slowWhile watching him whip his face with his cloth.he John Howard Griffith us case close.
I Neva had cloth like that .them kids was raise in you see son in the box like raising brand.amena to him.its just a day of yea the government owe us .grow up to see a box everyday of week like grandma prescription pill holder.




The my name is 
Melanin7even is because my birthday is July 7
the that mean 07/07-94
i am darkskin do that what melanin come from 
i am love music so much
my mom was on drug when she had me it cause me to shake in my sleep as a baby so my birth mom would play music old school to be exact.listen to temptation ,Jackie Wilson ,Michael Jackson ,OutKast,nas,Kanye west,and more I can go on.i struggle grewing up 
so I would listen to music in rock my head it the only way I can sleep 
soi chooseto start writing a dairy which was poetry that turned into me writing Music 

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