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Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band R&B Singer/Songwriter




"Mélat - Move Me"

Thanks to sites like Kickstarter, anyone with a great idea has the ability to see their dream fulfilled without having to sacrifice their vision in order to gain funding. Kickstarter also helps artists spread their music even though they might be on an indie budget. In addition to being a super-talented singer, Booth newcomer Mélat is a savvy businesswoman. The Austin native set up a Kickstarter to help push her debut EP, Canon Aphaea, worldwide and within a month she had well exceeded her goal of $4,200. Given the quality of new single Move Me, it’s no wonder fans were eager to support her music. Over Jansport J‘s laid-back, guitar-driven boardwork, Mélat showcases her bubbly, yet powerful vocals. Move Me does not appear on Canon Aphaea, but the project is available for free download via her official site. - DJBooth.net


Recently, converting the traditional R&B sounds to accommodate the internet generation's needs has had a significant impact on the musical landscape. Traditional walls that separate genres have slowly dissolved, leaving a mad grab of influences for emerging artists to lean on, which has given listeners brand new sounds to enjoy. While this happened across the board, with rhythm and the blues it is incredibly salient, thanks to artist like Frank Ocean and The Weeknd, whose fusions have garnered them massive followings. Mélat, an independent artist from Texas, maintains the same mind state and hopes to help push the sonic envelop further left.

Earlier this month, she released her latest EP, entitled Cannon Ourania: The Illumination, which demonstrated her unique perspective to making music. Even though it was only seven tracks long, it was filled to the brim with interesting ideas and a variety of sounds. Each track had its own specific atmosphere, but still properly contributed to the overall ambiance of the tape. It was a surprisingly ambitious undertaking that proved to be largely successful.

Today, Mélat releases the visuals to her first single, "Stardate". The song rarely changes tempo or rhythm, creating an almost trance like effect, which the dark video perfectly captures. Slow moving cameras focus on the young singer's few movements, as she stares at viewers or seemingly ignores them altogether, for the more interesting flower in her hand. It's minimal approach, with a stark color pallet, makes it easy to zone out and forget about the real world, during your initial viewing.

Mélat still has a long road ahead of her, but she has some serious potential. If you want to hear more her music, you should head to her souncloud page, where she has all of her old music archived. - Earmilk

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Lonny Bereal closes his new mixtape 'Love Games 2' with "All Said And Done," a midtempo record that aims at becoming a classic love story.
Mélat - Move Me - Download
The well timed soul sample blooms Melat’s cheerful vocals on "Move Me". The song is stuck in a simple bliss as Melat crafts a movie like daydream.
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The Jersey songstress' "ICE.MOON” is driven by a heavy bass and wind charms, coupled with her airy and intoxicating vocals. "ICE.MOON" is featured on SZA's latest EP 'S' that is the first of 3 EPs which take you on a journey down her yellow brick road.
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It’s hard to effectively describe what singer Melát has managed to do in a relatively short time. In a recent post on her blog, Melát (pronounced “May-Laht”) states plainly, “I’m Indie. About as Indie as you can get.” The Austin, Texas native quietly dropped her first project, the Canon Aphaea EP, for the free, sans any kind of label backing, in 2012, a short aural trip led by a voice that was at times soothing and at others ephemeral and haunting. A year and one kickstarter campaign that she could have never imagined would be so successful later, Melát has shaken things up. The soft-spoken songbird has found herself spotted everywhere from 2DopeBoyz to DJ Booth, and we had to pick her for #ThePulse before she evolves into a full-out seismic jolt across the interwebs.
Melát has joined forces with her producer-partner-in-crime Pha The Phenom once more to present the second helping in her “Canon” EP series, entitled Canon Ourania: The Illumination. Don’t be fooled by Canon Ourania’s subtitle – there aren’t too many Illuminati references to be found within the EP’s eight tracks (produced entirely by Pha Tha Phenom), though there’s quite a few good listens on deck. I mean, true, the intro song IS called “Thirdeye,” but trust me, it’s deeper than its title implies.
Stream Melát’s Canon Ourania: The Illumination EP below. While the project is available for free download, we encourage you to support the artist – who’s been able to do the work she’s doing almost solely from the money of fan supporters – by copping the EP off iTunes, as well. - Dayandadream.com

"Mélat – Move Me"

The well timed soul sample blooms Melat’s cheerful vocals on Move Me. The song is stuck in a simple bliss as Melat crafts a movie like daydream. The independent Austin based singer is coming off a successful Kickstarter campaign that allowed her to produce the Canon Aphaea project. - SoulTrain.com

"Mélat – Balance (Video)"

In need of some non-ratchet music as I’m sure to be bombarded with it later tonight, I hit the inbox for a quick scan. And within three clicks I was lucky enough to come across the above video from Austin native Mélat. Click play and vibe out to the elegant-yet-seductive visuals for a song off her Canon Aphaea EP; which I’ve included after the jump for those wanting to download. - 2DopeBoyz.com

"Mélat - Wishing Well"

I’m not a superstitious person but, when something big is on the line, I’m not above tossing a penny or two into a nearby fountain. Sometimes, you simply need all the help you can get. Mélat knows what I’m talking about. On her latest single, the follow-up to mid-May’s reader-acclaimed Move Me, the Austin singer/songwriter makes a hefty donation to a Wishing Well, in hopes that it will improve her chances with a certain man. Will it be worth it? As she puts it over Pha the Phenom‘s reverberant beat, a minimal affair built around a cavernous rhythm section and slowly descending piano line, “Only time will tell…” This stripped-down joint could hardly be more different in mood from its infectious, high-energy predecessor—will it receive the same amount of love from Booth readers? Guess I, like Mélat, will simply have to wait and see. If you like what you’re hearing, more fresh tunes await on the artist’s recently-released Canon Aphaea tape, out now via her official site. - DJBooth.net


Canon Aphaea EP (2012)

Canon Ourania EP (2013)



    Born in Austin, Texas, Mlat is the emerging eclectic soul of modern RnB. The daughter of Ethiopian immigrants, Mlat tells a story that is both challenging and inspiring rooted in her very own life experiences.  Coming from a meager background with English as a second language, Mlats music is pure and honest.   It is a reflection of her soul. From love, lust, success, to failure Mlat sings of what it means to be a human being simply longing to be. 

     They say things are bigger in Texas, but in the case of Mlat, big things come in small packages. Her music seems to carry an other-worldly sound. Based out of San Antonio and Austin, her talents are flourishing and it is apparent on her latest project Canon Ourania: The Illumination EP. Her debut EP Canon Aphaea, released in November of 2012. Since then, the EP, with lyrical concepts rooted in soul, love, dance, and inner strength, has been drawing attention to the up and coming star. The production perfectly encapsulates Mlat's airy almost gypsy-like vibe and aura, and her powerful yet smooth vocal ability keeps the listenerdrawn into her message. It is safe to say that the future is looking bright for this songstress.

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