Melba Toast

Melba Toast


"...a hybrid between Tom Petty and Creedence Clearwater Revival, sprinkled with modern rockers Built to Spill and My Morning Jacket..." - The East Texan


We are Melba Toast. Our name comes from a Richard Linklater movie, not the food. We enjoy playing the music we create live. We enjoy traveling. Our favorite city to play outside of Texas is Chicago. Our favorite beer is Pabst Blue Ribbon. We've been privileged enough to play with some really great bands over the last 2 years including Mudhoney, Hymns, and The Murdocks.

We've just put out a self-titled E.P. produced by John Kent (Blackland Records) that we are very proud of. After several line-up changes over the past few years we feel that we are finally complete and ready to play like crazy!


"s/t" E.P. 2007.
"s/t" 2005 Full Length.

Set List

We can play for as short or as long as needed. We are NOT a cover band aside from the occasional "crowd pleaser."