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Brooklyn born, New Jersey bred rapper Ramel "Mel" Carter has finally emerged from the shadows of his famous family's success. Nephew to Jay-Z, Mel and his music have always taken a backseat to his powerhouse uncle; but not anymore. With the release of his sophomore project, "Popular Stranger."


With an undeniable lineage of talent, Brooklyn-born, New Jersey bred rapper Ramel Carter, better known as MEL CARTER, has finally emerged from the shadows of his famous family success with the recent release of his sophomore mixtape, "Popular Stranger" after a 3 year hiatus of his successful debut, "Certified".

On February 19, 1988, a star was born. MEL CARTER, Michelle Carter’s second child of three boys grew up in a tiny apartment in the notorious Marcy Projects. MEL was left to share not only a bedroom but a bed with his two brothers, and older cousin, Colleek Luckie. Not once did MEL ever imagine his life going from “rags to riches” and being the nephew to hip-hop king, JAY-Z.

At 11, MEL and his family packed up and relocated to suburban New Jersey. The transition from Brooklyn to New Jersey was such a culture shock which led MEL to miss his friends, family, and life back in Marcy. In order to cope with the change he began to write poetry to vent his frustration.

In 1997 while watching his Uncle Jay, Ain't No Ni**a video, MEL realized his poetry could be transformed into music he loved. At the age of 16, he decided to confide in his cousins Fly Rah and Spank about his passion for writing songs. To
his surprise, they were doing the same, as well. They then formed their infamous Natural Born Hustlaz Entertainment (NBH) label. “We don’t mean hustlin’ as in any illegal stuff. We just get it by any means necessary. Hustlaz represents
having the never-ending drive for success.” Watching their Uncle Jay come from Marcy Projects to being widely favored by many cultures to then merge as Hip Hop Icon and a miraculous businessman was exactly the hustle they wanted to emulate.

With the death of his older cousin, Colleek Luckie, it became a reality check for MEL to focus on his music and use it as a form of therapy to cope with the pain. “That right there just stopped everything. I felt like the whole world stopped. It made me appreciate life more and look at life differently. It made me focus on what I wanted to do.” By burying himself in his music, he became extremely focused on his craft, which led him to numerous victories in various talent shows
throughout New York and New Jersey. “"I take the good with the bad. I could have took the easy way and went to my uncle but I did everything myself and I showed him I can do it too."

MEL’s music puts you in an old East Coast state of mind reinvented in a new movement that he refers to as the "New Breed." Whether it's his Carter charisma or his laid back flow reminiscent of young B.I.G., MEL is definitely someone the
industry is missing. With the support of his family, fans, and his Natural Born Hustla mentality, MEL is destined for success and the love of the masses.