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"Sunday Single" is taking a spin on the dance floor this week. Check out the thumping nouveau-disco on "Coming Out Tonight" by the electronic musician known as Melee Beats. The song's an advance track from his album "Explore the Heart," which is set for release June 10.

Melee Beats has a deft touch with production and has crafted some booty-shaking tracks – oh, and he also sings on most of his tunes. Log on to to hear "Coming Out Tonight." - Sacramento Bee

Melee Beats - Distraction. I'm very fond of the way this track implies a depth of field within its range of sounds. Listening to the song is like watching a 3D movie -- keyboard parts recede drastically behind the beat, and overlap with these cosmic Kraftwerk parts that pop so much that they seem surreal and slightly disconnected from the thumping bass line. The singer seems somewhat passive to the sound, as though he's just sort of passing through these amazing electronic textures in a simulated physical space, just like the listener. -

Demerit points for the so-lovingly-rendered-it's-almost-plagiaristic homage to the deep thuds and carnivalesque whirlygigging of Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger", but if you can get past that, "Distraction" is actually a pretty wonderful slice of disco house. As the cringingly-named Melee Beats, fledgling Sacramento-based producer Nic Bertino makes French house from his American bedroom. There's good reason that sounds like a bad idea, but the 20-year-old Bertino's (junior) boyish vocals and considerable maximalist production chops say otherwise. "Distraction"'s chockers with sweep filters, slap funk basslines, and wheezy vocodered vocals, so it's obvious that Bertino's Daft Punk man-love runs far deeper than the obvious "Harder, Better" connects, but, know what? There are worse bands to sound a lot like, especially at only 20. - Pitchfork Media


LPs: STAR (2005), Bel Esteem (2006), The Limited (2008), Triumph (2008). Selections from STAR have been played on local ClearChannel radio. Bel Esteem's single "Distraction" has been played on BBC Radio 1, also reviewed on Pitchfork Media, and has a plethora of reviews on blogs. "Girlhype," the leading single from "Triumph," has been championed by house music blogs.



Melee Beats is a one-man project that is 10 years in the making. At the core is Nic Bertino, who combines complex productions that accent his catchy pop-styled vocals. Drawing comparisons to Prince, Bertino has crafted a unique sound that spans over many different genres. Influenced by the electronic dance productions of the disco 80s and new wave, Bertino's music has become the international soundtrack to the weekend.