Melee Beats

Melee Beats


Dynamic electronic-fused pop music with heavy beats and catchy hooks, reminiscent of Daft Punk, Prince, and Justice.


Melee Beats is a one-man project that is 10 years in the making. At the core is Nic Bertino, who combines complex productions that accent his catchy pop-styled vocals. Drawing comparisons to Prince, Bertino has crafted a unique sound that spans over many different genres. Influenced by the electronic dance productions of the disco 80s and new wave, Bertino's music has become the international soundtrack to the weekend.


LPs: STAR (2005), Bel Esteem (2006), The Limited (2008), Triumph (2008). Selections from STAR have been played on local ClearChannel radio. Bel Esteem's single "Distraction" has been played on BBC Radio 1, also reviewed on Pitchfork Media, and has a plethora of reviews on blogs. "Girlhype," the leading single from "Triumph," has been championed by house music blogs.

Set List

1. Unreal Pt 2 / Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus
2. If I Forget (Live Edit) / Prince - Erotic City
3. Girlhype / Danity Kane - Damaged
4. Hard to Believe (Live Edit)
5. Excuse Me Pt 2
6. Ayo Insecurity
7. Gotta Know
8. Distraction
9. Wondering

Sets are usually around 45 minutes but length depends on venue. Sets are mixed (no pauses), but can be adapted for any situation.