Formed in 1999, this power-trio from Idaho merges a reggae-laced mix of smooth flowing funk and indie-rock into a potent cocktail of addictive grooves. Their inventive sounds and sense of humor create an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone to indulge in.


Formed in 1999, this power-trio from Idaho captivates audiences with it’s energetic funk-rock laced with reggae, creating a potent cocktail of original sounds. Their inventive grooves and sense of humor create an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone to indulge in.

Melefluent is no stranger to the road. Since the release of their first album "Leap Before You Look"(2004) they've averaged 170 shows per year in over 26 states including Alaska! Traveling from the Pacific Coast Highway to the New Jersey Turnpike they've gained a nationwide fan base and air play on numerous radio stations.

“Ways To Create,” the bands sophmore effort, is a birth of everything from a little honky-tonk slide shuffle titled “Bum Song” to some good ol’ rockin’-reggae feelin “Fine Women&Wine.” The album depicts the bands tremendous song writing ability and musical talent as Joe Welk, Darren Wilson and Joe Kresge methodically exchange instruments, lyrical contributions and lead vocals from one song to the next. Released in 2006 the new album has been successful selling copies in the U.S. and overseas. With a solid foundation, and a trusty new van, Melefluent plans to do nothing less than entertain and inspire every ear within listening range!

Melefluent's diverse yet homogenous sound, and multi-genre compatibility, has given them the opportunity to share the stage with a wide range of acclaimed artists such as:

Pepper, Sweatshop Union, Eric McFadden Trio, The Clumsy Lovers, Jerry Joseph, Flowmotion, Ten Mile Tide, Sol Jibe, The Supervillians, Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise, Da Da, Deadweight, Floater, Mikey Dread, Kostas Lazarius, Westbound Train, The Independents, Fred Green, New Transit Direction, Big Metal Rooster, Side Dish, Butane, Uprite Dub Orchestra...


Ways To Create - LP (2006)
Leap Before You Look - LP (2004)
Self Titled - EP (2001)

Songs featured on various compilations/DVD's:

- Nxstep Films:
Wakeboarding video "The Agency" (2006)

- Suburban White Guys Productions
Xtreme 4x4 DVD's:
* "Pirates of the Rubicon: II" (2006)
* " Third and Reverse" (2005)

- Glam Jam Records
song featured on "Indie Most Wanted" compilation

Set List

Having over 40 original songs, Melefluent's set consists primarily of their own music. Depending on the crowd they've been known to cover, well... just about anything, even random requests they don't know the words to. Here's some artists often heard in the mix: Bob Marley, Madonna, Sublime, Lionel Richie, Lou Reed, Beatles, NOFX, Bob Dylan, Hall & Oates...

The band can play up to 4 hours of music on any given night, and often does. Individual sets can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 2-3 hours.

List of original songs:
Waiting for Change
True Feelins
Dangerous World
Nothing To Show
Lazy Daze
Uncle Sam
Statistical Bliss
Time Ticks By
Setting Sun
Slow G
Waste You Create
Dented Delirium
Settle Down
Fine Wome&Wine
Friends Don't Let Friends Steal Friends Guitars
Bum Song
Chinese Eyes
Half Rack
One Dead End
Don't Listen
Current Situation
Whadya Expect
You Decide
Duct Tape
Vast Unkown
Plastic Dre