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"North Carolina has a new Hip Hop Superstar and his name is Mel Ez"

There have been many Hip Hop artist that have come out of the southern sections of the U.S. Groups like 2 Live Crew, 36 Mafia, UGK and Outkast have become icons and paved the way for artist like T.I, Ludacris, Lil Wayne, and Young Jeezy.
In 2009 a new year, a new president, and new emerging artist in music, a North Carolina Hip Hop artist by the name of Mel Ez is about to put his state he calls North Cakalac on the map.

Vocally Mel Ez is distinct, with a slightly raspy but very smooth texture. He has mastered the art of delivering the best performance money can buy on any production. He has being viewed as undoubtly incredible because his southern drawl and flow, yet his writing ability is that of a very good east coast artist. Considering this it is no wonder he has become the North Carolina rapper everyone wants to record with and produce.

Take a listen to some of his timeless material. You will hear style, swagger, confidence, and versatility. His first single "Do Something" has that southern bounce to it that keeps your head going up and down. The hook immediately catches you with lines like "she got a couple friends, I told her jump in, she acting like she want to do something". The flow he demonstrates and the lyricals make this song a hit. You also have his underground hard hitting song "Lock & Load" featuring label mate Deeno Snuff. His first line of his verse sets the stage of the entire song with "I'm a mutha...... bully but I ain't taking lunch money, taking nig... lives til the feds come for me". His song "Don't Be Offended" have people wondering if Tupac is stil alive because his flow is so reminiscent of the late great Tupac yet it wasn't intentional at all. His library of hits will have the entire music industry wondering why he isn't making millions already.

With business and creative direction from Hefnaz Produkshunn LLC which is presently a independent recording label, 2009 will be the year of Mel Ez.

To listen to some of Mel Ez material you can go to,,

Hype Press Update

Posted by thehypemagazine at 9:29 AM Saturday January 10th 2009

- The Hype Magazine


His first official single is "Do Something"
His first underground single is "Lock & Load"



Is Hip Hop dead? According to a rapper called Ludacris, it is not dead, it just went South. The South has been dominating the Hip Hop world for years. The influence it has had on the world can be seen every time you someone leaning and rocking with it, snapping fingers, stepping on their toes, or pop locking and dropping it. The Southern drawl that has been used since the early days of Outkast in the early 90s has been incorporated into songs performed by artists such as The Notorious BIG to Jay Z.

The South is finally being recognized as a part of Hip Hop music. Now that the South has a respected voice, the fruits of its labor are springing out to give you a perspective of what the South is and has to offer. Mel Ez has a story to tell, and he tells the story so well. Mel Ez whose real name is Jamel Buie was born in Maryland, but was raised in North Carolina. From his early youth he was a fan of Hip Hop music which at that time was primarily East Coast driven. He was influenced by artist from the Old School to Nas, The Notorious BIG and Jay Z. Those influences keep his formation of words precise and powerful, while his Southern upbringings added the style, flow, and personality rich and flavorful.

In the South, you were either a hustler, a pimp, a blinged out grill maker, or you were into tricking out your ride. Mel Ez had his little hustle on the side, but in order to keep consistent paper in his pocket he worked on cars. In minutes he could take your car and strip it down to the steel. If he was in L.A he would probably work for Custom Cars and would have been featured on Pimp My Ride. Mel Ez has performed all over the underground show circuit throughout the South.

Mel Ez has worked on mixtapes which was a route which lead him to being featured on mixtapes by DJ Kay Slay and DJ Base. His reputation for being a off the top of the head battler, and his charisma and style gained him the respect of Hamlet, Rockingham (Richmond County) aka North Yard. No one gets on the microphone or touches the stage in North Yard unless he gives his stamp of approval. In other words Mel Ez has Richmond County on lock. Armed with an arsenal of hits songs waiting to be heard, Mel Ez has been ready to put the North Yard on the official Hip Hop Musical map.

Live Performances:
• Opening act for AZ, Seven Lakes, NC-1999
• Opening act for Sonz of Man, Hamlet, NC-1999
• Opening act for Young Gunz, Charleston, SC-2001
• Slamfest "car & bike show", Greenville, NC-2002
• Underground Talent Mart, Atlanta, GA-2002
• Club Chocolate City, Cheraw, SC-2007

Radio Play:
• FOXY 99 (Fayetteville, NC)
• 107.7(Fayetteville, NC)
• 94.5(Florence, SC)