Mel Gibson And The Pants

Mel Gibson And The Pants

BandHip Hop

our band is a chaotic mix of experimental hip hop and minimalist rock, covered with swirling electronics and choppy beats. have been compared to others ranging from el-p and tortoise, to led zeppelin and can.


   MG and the Pants established themselves in the Minneapolis music scene with the release of their debut album, 2004's "a mannequin american." Since then, they've gathered a wide audience of music fans and artists alike. Their 2005 follow-up,"w/guitar" had them collaborating with some of the areas best rappers and musicians, including P.O.S., Eyedea, Sims, Mike Lewis, Travis Bos of Chariots and many others. MG has played shows everywhere from some kids high school graduation party in Eau Claire, WI, to the Knitting Factory in New York, NY.

   Equal parts underground hip-hop and electronic rock band, Mel Gibson and the Pants are rarely as hilarious as their name might imply. Instead, the band's sound is defined by an unusual combination of aggressive bass lines, cinematic keyboard sequences, and epic guitar riffs, supported by both live and electronic beats. Rapper Harold Sanders Jr. occupies the accessory nearly as often as he does the primary role, weaving rhymes in and out of the thick web woven by his five-piece band.


"W/ Guitar" CD 2005
-selections available at our website

"A Mannequin American" CD 2004

"Meat Tape" 2006
(Rhymesayers Entertainment / Doomtree Records)
"Twin Town High Vol. 6" 2005
(Pulse of the Twin Cities)
"Ladies and Gentlemen Vol. 1" 2004
(Ladies and Gentlemen Magazine)
"Doomtree's False Hopes / Warped Tour" 2004
(Doomtree Records)

Set List

We usually play songs from our newest recordings, as well as what we have most recently written. rarely do covers, but when we do they are Dead Kennedys covers. can play for as long as people want. from 5 minutes to 2.5 hours. usually 45 minutes.