Mel Green

Mel Green

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Mel puts on a well-paced, entertaining show. He released his first solo CD in '10, his music appreciated by local audiences. He founded South Africa's top folk trio...Mel,Mel & Julian.


Mel Green has “A terrific musical sense, an evocative sound, and a classic folk voice!” (Nick Noble,WICNFM, Worcester,MA), "Mel writes songs that draw in his audiences, and his beautiful voice draws his listeners in and encourages audience participation” (Ellen Schmidt,musician) and "Thanks for singing for us
and making us welcome. You have a great voice." (Phil Everly, during the ‘67 Everly Brother’s South African tour.) "A unique neo-classical / folk / baroque style..." Mac McLanahan,Rose garden Coffeehouse. "Mel’s voice is like fine, china. Far-reaching life experiences have illuminated his lyricism, as he sprinkles his words and narrative with humor and humility." (Angela Masciale,King Hooper Cafe).
He went solo in 1967, his wonderful tenor voice soaring and captivating his audiences, his entertaining ways endearing himself to his audiences. He emigrated to the USA in 1970, stopping along the way to play at the Cecil Sharpe House (English Folk Song Society) in London... and then in Greenwich Village coffeehouses likeThe Gaslight and Gerde's Folk City, and doing cabaret in the Poconos, before settling in Cambridge in 1972 where
he played at Club Passim (formerly Club 47) after being invited by Bob Donlin
to open for Sandy Bull and for great Rosalie Sorrels.
During the 70s, despite encouragement from the late Bob Donlin of Club
Passim, he chose marriage and family which kept him away from the professional music scene.He continued playing and honing his music
and his songwriting skills, and has been active on the Boston acoustic music
scene over the last decade. The recent release of his new CD has prompted his resurgence on the scene.


Desperate Hands (Home)

Written By: (by Mel Green) by Mel Green, © 2010 MelGreen Publishing, BMI

I have been a stranger here
This place is now my home
And the country I once came from
I remember when I’m alone

Generations settled here
Some with families, some alone
The plains and mountains crossed...
Until the settlers made this land their own

We came from many foreign lands
We were looking for the streets of gold
So many just found shifting sands
Only the desperate hands could hold
Gathering things we carried them
Sometimes in the dead of night
Heavy hand, cruel fist and unjust deeds
We left them far from sight

We cannot forget them
We cannot forget our homes
We can’t ever forget the places
Or the countries that we once came from

Photographs are old and faded
Recollections so sublime
Everything remembered
Is tempered by the sands of time

I was once a stranger here
This place is now my home
And the country that I?once came from
I remember, when I’m alone

We came from many foreign lands
We were Looking for the streets of gold
So many just found shifting sands
Only desperate hands could hold...
Only desperate hands could hold...
Only the desperate hands could hold

Shadows In The Hall

Written By: (Mel Green) July, 2010 - Mel Green, ©2010 MelGreen Publishing. BMI

Under the stairs beside the entrance hall
An old man sits and stares at relics of his first war
Hanging on the wall.
Near pictures of his kids who’ve grown up and now are gone
By a certificate from the masons, next to a picture from his old school
When he was twenty-one, he looked just like his son...
His hair long gray is thinning and he’s balder by the day
An old calendar on the wall
A little girl with kittens grinning in the hay
And his watch for faithful service is hanging on a chain
And his joints are fine as long as it doesn’t rain
He feels no pain...

The weather’s become cooler now that summer’s gone
A wool hat for his ears, a scarf and rug to keep his old legs warm
He reads the Sunday papers with eyes that are weak and wan
Waiting for the widow to ’phone him
And to tell him that her heat is not on
He will not come...

He hides away his memories
In a wild and scary place
You’d never know by looking at his weathered kindly face
He fought in the Pacific, shipped home in ’44
He never marches in parades
On July the Fourth

Sweeping corridors
Mopping up the floors
Dusting off the stairs
What he’s done and seen
No one knows, no one cares.

He still remembers days when tramlines ran around this block
A long time ago, he came back from the war, he says it was shell-shock
And he still plays cards for matches, with the old sergeant from upstairs
Humming Yankee Doodle snatches
And sometimes you can even hear him say his prayers...
To the lady on the wall...
There are shadows in the hall...

Rosie's Singalong

Written By: by Mel Green © 2009 Mel Green - MelGreen Publishing, BMI

I’m hopping down a sunny street
Kick-ing pebbles in my way
A carriage pushed by Mom and me
Babies lying in its shade

Late on Sunday afternoons
Steaming from my bath
Wrapped in my blue dressing gown
A church goes singing past

In summer time we take a trip
By steam train to the sea
We leave home in the afternoon
My brothers, Mom and me

My cousins, aunts and uncles smile
The train steams and stops and hisses
We jump down on the platform
For more smiles and hugs and kisses

We’re going to stay at Grannie’s place
\In her kitchen in the sun
I love to see her smiling face
Cooking soup and meat and buns
She sang about the Mockingbirds
Rose sang Side by Side
She’d sing The Great Pretender
Sometimes she’d sing and cry...

Mom took us on Sunday drives
On warm days to the zoo
Windows open wide, our Rosie sang...
... the whole day through

I’d ride on daddy’s shoulders, broth-
-er’s holding mommy’s hands
Lions draped on boulders
Ice cream melting in the sand

On Sundays in the summertime,
too hot to stay inside
We’d pile into our car, And to...
... my cousin’s house we’d drive

She’d sing the Unchained Melody
Ghost Riders In the Sky
She’d sing about Old Lonesome Me
Rosie would sing and cry

So when I put my boys to bed
In darkness sing my song
I hear her singing in my head
It’s Rosie’s singalong


Mel's new DIY CD "I'm Taking My Time" released June 2010.
His song "There's A Light OnThe Hill" has received local Boston airplay since '03, and was featured on "Art of the Song" in December 2010.
Recently Mel's CD "I'm Taking My Time" received a 4 star review (out of 5) see the quote(s) at
Visit www.melgreensings
to hear his songs.

Set List

Mel usually performs with a keyboard/vocalist, and if possible a quartet, which includes a drummer percussionist and a bass player.
His usual set list includes songs from his CD, I'm Taking My Time, and sometimes includes covers chosen to work with the particular audience, or gig in mind.