Melie Lewis

Melie Lewis


It's really simple: with music, it's all about having a vision and the voice to deliver it. That's what you'll find here.


I always wanted to join the circus, but to my dismay, I have no special talents, acrobatic or otherwise. Since I'm not particularly fond of shovelling elephant dung, the circus will have to wait. Instead of the ability to walk on tightropes, I can strum a few chords. There you go.

I want to keep this brief. I'm 19 years old, but if you didn't know it, you wouldn't be able to tell. My influences draw from more than just past artists, I'm inspired by a random thought, by a bird singing, by a sunset, by emotion. Music is my life, and life creates music.

As for, literally, my life, I was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, a suburb of Paris. I've lived a lot of places. It's really not in my nature to settle down in one place. I've been to college, I've prayed at the Western Wall and swam in the dead sea, I've been through boot camp, I've climbed a mountain and faced a bear, I've met people I love and I've met people I hate. I have never joined the circus.



Written By: Melie Lewis

These numb fingers strive to make some art
Though they simply do not know where to start.
All they want to do is play their part,
Give them a break, they have a lot of heart.

And I don’t really know which way to go.
And I can’t tell you how, just that you’ll know.
You can’t really see the signs
You don’t read between the lines.
And I just let it out and go with the flow.
Cause I know truth in my heart, from head down to toes.

These long awkward legs have a need to run
From everything in the world that denies fun;
Far far away, out past the sun.
Stride out from the cries and lies of everyone.

This faint weak voice wishes to speak.
Every word drips out like a steady leak,
But each statement comes out much too meek
‘Til it fades away to nothing more than a mouse’s squeak.

Again and again I want to give in,
But til these goals are met, life has yet to begin.
There’s a truth in lines for all to see.
Spelled out, these words read most easily:

There’s nothing to do without trying
Except laying down and dying.


Nothing released yet.

Set List

puppets, stars, science fact or fiction, crossroads, reason.
covers: lean on me by bill withers, anything written by the avett brothers, elliott smith, or bob dylan.