The Meligrove Band

The Meligrove Band


Mankind's greatest achievement in music and good looks.


The Meligrove Band has recorded, toured and built a fanbase, largely under the radar of the Canadian music press, for years. Jason, Darcy, Andrew and Michael grew up in the same Toronto suburb as friends Death From Above 1979 and Billy Talent (of whom Andrew is a former member), learning their instruments by trying to cover Super Friendz songs as teenagers. Now 24 and 25 years old, they have played together since they were 17 – and it shows.

The band’s most recent album, Let it Grow received four-star reviews from the Montreal Mirror and Toronto’s Eye Weekly, and more from places as far away as Germany, Spain and Singapore. In 2004 alone, the album has sold nearly 1000 copies in Japan, where the band has never even been! A video for the song Before We Arrive, directed by Ante Kovac (Tragically Hip, Constantines, Thrush Hermit) achieved plays on MuchMusic’s The Wedge and light rotation on MuchMoreMusic.

Since Let it Grow’s release, the Meligroves have toured all over Canada, coast to coast from Halifax to Victoria, playing shows in every province except Newfoundland. The band has shared stages with the likes of Spoon, the Weakerthans, Mooney Suzuki, Constantines, Cuff the Duke and Sloan. Andrew, Mike and Darcy have also toured this year as members of Femme Fatale, the Waking Eyes and By Divine Right.

The Meligrove Band has been featured on CBC’s Radiosonic and NewMusicCanada, and MuchMusic’s Going Coastal. They have performed live nationally on CBC Television’s Play, and at home on CityTV. Currently, you can see them in some friends’ music videos: Joel Plaskett’s Come on Teacher, By Divine Right’s Soft Machine, and the Waking Eyes’ Watch Your Money (in which Mike plays bass). And this month, they play themselves on a new episode of the Family Channel’s Radio Free Roscoe.

Right now the Meligroves are tracking the final overdubs on a new album with friend José Contreras (By Divine Right) at the controls, for a projected early-2005 Canadian release.


Let It Grow (2002, Endearing/MapleMusic/Universal)
Stars & Guitars (2000, Ductape/Sonic Unyon)

Set List

All original songs.