Melinda Davis
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Melinda Davis

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
Solo Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Lets Rock America Spotlight"

Opportunity seems to only knock a few times over the years, but when opportunity knocks on your head like a sledgehammer…you need to wake up and see it. LRA was literally knocked out by a demo CD we received recently from a wonderful new artist named Melinda Davis. Melinda hails from Fords New Jersey. Melinda’s greatest attribute is her passion for music. Add her talent as a singer/songwriter and original vocal skills and, undoubtedly, you will fall in love with her like LRA did…she basically swooned us!
Melinda began her career in music at a very young age, which wasn’t very long ago. Her formal lessons began with classical guitar but it wasn’t long after that when she began finding her true passion as a singer /songwriter in her late teens. The sledgehammer crashed on LRA’s collective heads once again when we discovered that she had never had any formal voice lessons. Her sophisticated, passionate vocals are pure Melinda Davis whether heard from recorded studio tracks or live. Although she claims not to be inspired by other female singer/songwriters, she can easily be ranked right up there with the best of today’s “signed” talent. The difference is that she doesn’t seem to be in it for the money but purely for the passion of making music. Her philosophy concerning making music is exactly why LRA exists. Sometimes great music is made from the heart and needn’t be “sold” to the public by means deep pocketed promoters and saturated radio airplay.

We would be remiss if we didn’t add the fact that Melinda writes her own material, most often from personal experience. Perhaps that is nothing new, but in this day and age when our most celebrated artists rely on clichés and catch phrases to compliment store bought vocal talent, Melinda’s performance simply relies on her passion for every word she’s written. Melinda’s melodies dig much deeper into one’s soul and, combined with her lyrics, her songs certainly hit a nerve.

If you don’t believe a word I’ve said thus far or simply want to hear it for yourself, download the podcast of Melinda Davis. We were lucky enough to have her play LIVE right here in the LRA studios.


"Indie Music Feature"

"A very marketable easy on the eyes singer with major potential to take over the charts."


"On the Move - CD Compilation"

Melinda Davis - Another Open Soul Sessions veteran who we did meet in time to include her beautiful, pure, unpretentious and angelic voice on On The Move. Armed with just her guitar and her soul, she opened ours and reminded us that along with revolution we need a healthy dose of love. - Iyanna Jones, Executive Producer of On The Move


Still working on that hot first release.



Armed with no more than her voice, her words, & her guitar, Melinda Davis started to write songs meant to expose the soul & stir the emotions. After dedicating many years to honing her songwriting craft, she has achieved the status of "professional" songwriter; hired to write songs for a specialty retail company. She was also a runner-up in the 2008 Singer/Songwriter Awards. Her song "A Brighter Shade of New" was featured on the compilation "On the Move - Sounds Inspired by Mumia Abu Jamal" along with several grammy-award winning artists.
From 2006 to 2008, she fronted the band "Melinda Davis & The Eleventh Hour", until the tragic & unexpected death of the drummer, George Andrew, in April 2008. She continues to play the tri-state area acoustically.

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